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Placental Bed Disorders
Basic Science and its Translation to Obstetrics
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Main description:

It is now recognized that defective placentation in the human is a cause of many pregnancy complications, such as spontaneous abortion, preterm labor and delivery, pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, fetal death and abruptio placenta. These clinical disorders can often have long-term consequences into adulthood, causing cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes for the newborn as well as an increased risk of premature death in the mother. This is the first book to be entirely focused on the placental bed, bringing together the results of basic and clinical research in cell biology, immunology, endocrinology, pathology, genetics and imaging to consolidate in a single, informative source for investigators and clinicians. Its core aim is to explore new approaches and improve current clinical practice. This is essential reading for clinicians in obstetric, cardiovascular and reproductive medicine.


Preface; Part I. Introducing the Placental Bed: 1. The placental bed in a historical perspective Robert Pijnenborg; 2. Unraveling the anatomy Ivo Brosens; Part II. Placental Bed Vascular Disorders: 3. Defective spiral artery remodelling Ivo Brosens and T. Yee Khong; 4. What is defective: decidua, trophoblast or both? Robert Pijnenborg and M. Hanssens; Part III. Uterine Vascular Environment: 5. Decidualisation Brianna Cloke, Luca Fusi and Jan Brosens; 6. Uterine NK cells Ashley Moffett; 7. Placental angiogenesis Christophe L. Depoix and Robert N. Taylor; 8. Oxygen delivery at the deciduo-placental interface Eric Jauniaux and Graham J. Burton; Part IV. Deep Placentation: 9. The junctional zone myometrium Stephen R. Killick and Piotr Lesny; 10. Subendometrial spiral artery blood flow and pregnancy rate Ernest Hung Yu Ng and Pak Chung Ho; 11. Deep trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodelling Robert Pijnenborg and Ivo Brosens; Part V. Comparative Anatomy and Research Models: 12. Comparative anatomy and placental evolution Anthony M. Carter and Robert D. Martin; 13. Animal models of deep trophoblast invasion Robert Pijnenborg and Lisbeth Vercruysse; 14. Trophoblast-arterial interactions in vitro J. E. Cartwright and G. St J. Whitley; 15. Long-term effects of uteroplacental insufficiency in animals R. H. Lane, R. McKnight and Qi Fu; Part VI. Genetics: 16. Fertile soil or no man's land: a partial history of the placental bed David Haig; 17. Search for susceptibility genes Linda Morgan; 18. Imprinting Gudrun Moore and Sayeda Abu-Amero; Part VII. Risk Factors, Predictors and Future Management: 19. Risk factors of pre-eclampsia and SGA Rolv Skjaerven, Kari K. Melve and Lars J. Vatten; 20. Angiogenic factors and pre-eclampsia May Lee Tjoa, Eliyahu Khankin, Sarosh Rana and S. Ananth Karumanchi; 21. Assisted reproductive technology and the risk of poor pregnancy outcome Marc J. N. C. Keirse and Frans M. Helmerhorst; 22. Periconceptual and early pregnancy approach Gordon C. S. Smith; 23. New concepts and recommendations on clinical management and research Caroline Dunk, Sascha Drewlo, Leslie Proctor and John C. P. Kingdom; 24. Disorders of the placental bed in the genesis of the great obstetrical syndromes Roberto Romero, Juan Pedro Kusanovic and Chong Jai Kim; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780511741029
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: June, 2010
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 20.00