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Pilot Mental Health Assessment and Support
A Practitioner's Guide
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The presentation of mental illness at work has different implications and consequences depending on the specific nature of the job, work context, regulatory framework and risks for the employee, organisation and society. Naturally there are certain occupational groups where human factors and/or mental illness could impair safety and mental acuity, and with potentially devastating consequences. For pilots, the medical criteria for crew licensing are stipulated by regulatory aviation authorities worldwide, and these include specific mental illness exclusions. The challenge of assessment for mental-health problems is, however, complex and the responsibility for psychological screening and testing falls to a range of different specialists and groups including AMEs (authorised aviation medical examiners), GPs and physicians, airline human resources departments, psychologists, human factor specialists and pilots themselves.
Extending and developing the ideas of Aviation Mental Health (Ashgate, 2006), which described a range of psychological issues and problems that may affect pilots and the consequences of these, this book presents an authoritative, comprehensive and practical guide to modern, evidence-based practice in the field of mental-health assessment, treatment and care. It features contributions from experts in the field drawn from several countries, professions and representing a range of aviation-related organisations, displaying a range of different skills and methods that can be used for the clinical assessment of pilots and in relation to specific mental-health problems and syndromes.


Foreword Robert Bor, Carina Eriksen, Margaret Oakes and Peter Scragg Contributor biographies Chapter 1. Pilot mental health in the modern era: headlines and reality Robert Bor, Carina Eriksen, Margaret Oakes, and Peter Scragg Section A: Pilot Selection Assessments Chapter 2. Pilot selection: an overview of aptitude and ability testing Monica Martinussen Chapter 3. The role of assessment in pilot selection Carl Hoffmann and Arianna Hoffmann Chapter 4. Personality assessment of airline pilot applicants James N Butcher Section B: Pilot Clinical Assessments Chapter 5. Between the joystick and the seat; getting inside pilots' minds using clinical interviewing Paul Dickens Chapter 6. The practicalities of clinical history-taking and mental state assessments of pilots Robert Bor, Carina Eriksen, Peter Scragg and Margaret Oakes Chapter 7. Neuropsychological assessment Sarah Mackenzie Smith Chapter 8. Assessment of personality Paul Harris Chapter 9. The role and scope of psychological testing in risk reduction Pooshan Navathe and Shruti Navathe Chapter 10. Assessment for fatigue among pilots Ries Simons Chapter 11. Assessment following incidents, accidents and trauma Morten Kjellesvig Chapter 12. The practicalities of fitting mental health screening into the time-limited annual check and the problems of confidentiality Martin Hudson and Kevin Herbert Section C: Mental Health, Wellbeing and Support for pilots Chapter 13. The use of psychotropic medications and fitness to fly Rui Correia Chapter 14. Human factors and factor of the human - pilot performance and pilot mental health Nicklas Dahlstrom Chapter 15. Promoting mental health and wellbeing in aviation Ben Campion Chapter 16. Stigma associated with mental illness among air crew Todd Hubbard Chapter 17. Personal stressors associated with being a pilot Cristina Albuquerque and Maria Fonseca Chapter 18. Promoting good psychological health among pilots Carina Eriksen and Robert Bor Chapter 19. Behavioural dynamics on the flight deck and implications for mental health Benjamin Lawler and Martin Casey Chapter 20. Peer to peer pilot support & development programmes for pilots: time for a holistic approach Gerhard Fahnenbruck and Gunnar Steinhardt Chapter 21. Pilot peer support programmes for pilots Sean Gibbs Chapter 22. Pilots' emotions in the cockpit Vergard Nergard and Bengt Svendsen


ISBN-13: 9781315401928
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2016
Pages: 432

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychology, Public Health