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Physician Under the Nazis
Memoirs of Henry Glenwick
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Main description:

A Physician Under the Nazis are the memoirs of the first forty years (1909-1948) of the life of Henry Glenwick. It focuses on his experiences as a physician in Russian-occupied Ukraine after the outbreak of World War II, his return to the Warsaw ghetto, and his subsequent journey through labor and concentration camps in Poland and Germany. Following a post-war period in Displaced Persons camps in Germany, the book concludes with the writer's cross-Atlantic trip to New York and the beginnings of his life in the United States. This memoir provides the rarely-heard perspective on the Holocaust of a Jewish physician who served both Russian and German occupiers during the war.


Chapter 1 Foreword by Thane Rosenbaum Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 A Childhood in Warsaw Chapter 5 2. My Education After High School Chapter 6 3. Marriage and Family Chapter 7 4. The Outbreak of War and the Flight East Chapter 8 5. A Physician Under the Russians Chapter 9 6. The German Occupation Chapter 10 7. Return to Warsaw Chapter 11 8. In the Ghetto Chapter 12 9. To the Camps Chapter 13 10. In the Camps: Budzyn and Radom Chapter 14 11.Vaihingen, Dachau, and the Road to Liberation Chapter 15 12. After Liberation: In Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Stuttgart Chapter 16 13. Beginning Anew in America Chapter 17 Epilogue Chapter 18 Afterword: A Son's Reflections on His Father's Memoirs and the Holocaust Chapter 19 Appendix A: Chronology of Major Places in the Life of Henry Glenwick from 1909 to 1948 Chapter 20 Appendix B: Map of Places Visited by Henry Glenwick, 1939 to 1946 Chapter 21 Appendix C: Genealogy of the Gliniewiecki, Schulweis, and Rosenfein Families


ISBN-13: 9780761851370
Publisher: University Press of America
Publication date: December, 2010
Pages: 90
Dimensions: 155.00 x 231.00 x 7.00