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Phenomenology and the Social Context of Psychiatry
Social Relations, Psychopathology, and Husserl's Philosophy
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Main description:

This book explores phenomenological philosophy as it relates to psychiatry and the social world, seeking to establish a common language between psychiatrists, anti-psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

Phenomenology and the Social Context of Psychiatry is an inter-disciplinary effort by phenomenological philosophers, psychiatrists, and psychologists to discover the essence and foundations of social psychiatry. Using the phenomenology of Husserl as a point of departure, the meanings of empathy, interpersonal understanding, we-intentionality, ethics, citizenship and social inclusion are investigated in relation to psychopathology, nosology, and clinical research. This work, drawing upon the rich classical and contemporary phenomenological tradition, touching on a broad range of thinkers such as Deleuze, Levinas, and R.D. Laing, also explicates how phenomenology is a method capable of capturing the human condition and its intricate relation to the social world and mental illness.


Introduction: Magnus Englander
Towards a Phenomenological Social Psychiatry

Chapter 1: Larry Davidson
Transcendental Intersubjectivity as the Foundation for a Phenomenological Social Psychiatry

Chapter 2: Mads Gram Henriksen
Schizophrenia, Psychosis, and Empathy

Chapter 3: Magnus Englander
Empathy in a Social Psychiatry

Chapter 4: Scott D. Churchill
On the Empathic Mode of Intuition: A Phenomenological Foundation for Social Psychiatry

Chapter 5: Frederick J. Wertz, Miraj U. Desai, Emily Maynard, Justin R. Misurell, Mary Beth Morrissey, Batya Rotter, Nicoletta C. Skoufalos
Research Methods for Person-Centered Health Science: Fordham Studies of Suffering and Transcendence

Chapter 6: Idun Roseth & Rob Bongaardt
A Phenomenological Understanding of Postpartum Depression and its Treatment

Chapter 7: Samuel Thoma & Thomas Fuchs
A Phenomenology of Sensus Communis: Outline of a Phenomenological Approach to Social

Chapter 8: Susi Ferrarello
Husserl's Ethics and Psychiatry

Chapter 9: Marc Applebaum
The I and the We: Psychological Reflections on Husserl's Egology


ISBN-13: 9781350044326
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: January, 2018
Pages: 208

Subcategories: Psychiatry