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The Deadly World of Falsified and Substandard Medicines
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Roger Bate has spent years on the trail of counterfeit medicines in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, learning the anatomy of a nebulous, far-reaching black market that has resulted in countless deaths and injuries around the world. Phake: The Deadly World of Falsified and Substandard Medicines is the culmination of Bate's research and travels-both a fascinating firsthand account of the counterfeit drug trade and an incisive policy analysis with important ramifications for decision makers in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the international World Health Organization.


Chapter 1 Performance of Fifty Male Veterans of World War II on Occupational Aptitude Tests 5 and 6, and the Minnesota Spatial Relations Test Chapter 2 Some Problems in the Selection, Administration, and Interpretation of Psychological Tests for Vocational and Educational Guidance Chapter 3 A Functional Vocational Guidance Library: The Chicago Plan Chapter 4 A Study of Academic and Professional Requirements and Personal Characteristics for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in State Agencies Chapter 5 Rehabilitation Counseling Chapter 6 Proposed Cerebral Palsy Research Design Chapter 7 Rehabilitation Comes of Age Chapter 8 A Study of Rehabilitation Counselor Employment in State Agencies Chapter 9 Some Problems in the Rehabilitation of the Tubercular Alcoholic Chapter 10 Attitudes of Delinquents as Measured By the Semantic Differential Scales Chapter 11 The Testing Program in Vocational and Educational Guidance Chapter 12 Semantic Differential and Delinquent Behavior Chapter 13 Vocational Counseling and Planning Chapter 14 Successful Work-Study Program for Mentally Retarded Chapter 15 Vocational Rehabilitation Conseling and Adjustment of the Mentally Retarded Chapter 16 Vocational Rehabilitation in Western Europe, Yugoslavia, and the United States 1971-1972 Chapter 17 Habilitation: A Cradle to the Grave Concept Chapter 18 How Rehabilitation Programs Deal with Stigma Toward the Mentally Ill


ISBN-13: 9780844772349
Publisher: AEI Press
Publication date: January, 2014
Pages: 460
Dimensions: 152.00 x 225.00 x 34.00

Subcategories: Ethics