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Pediatric Incontinence
Evaluation and Clinical Management
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Main description:

Pediatric incontinence: evaluation and clinical management offers urologists practical, ′how–to′ clinical guidance to what is a very common problem affecting up to 15% of children aged 6 years old.

Introductory chapters cover the neurophysiology, psychological and genetic aspects, as well as the urodynamics of incontinence, before it moves on to its core focus, namely the evaluation and management of the problem.  All types of management methods will be covered, including behavioural, psychological, medical and surgical, thus providing the reader with a solution to every patient′s specific problem.

The outstanding editor team led by Professor Israel Franco, one of the world s leading gurus of pediatric urology, have recruited a truly stellar team of contributors each of whom have provided first–rate, high–quality contributions on their specific areas of expertise.  Clear management algorithms for each form of treatment support the text, topics of controversy are covered openly, and the latest guidelines from the ICCS, AUA and EAU are included throughout. 

Perfect to refer to prior to seeing patients on the wards and in the clinics, this is the ideal guide to the topic and an essential purchase for all urologists, pediatric urologists and paediatricians managing children suffering from incontinence.


List of contributors, xi

Preface, xv

Section 1: Pathophysiology of bowel and bladder dysfunction
Israel Franco

1 Neurophysiology of voiding, 3
Oreoluwa Ogunyemi and Hsi ]Yang Wu

2 Neurophysiology of defecation, 15
Cecilie Ejerskov and Charlotte Siggaard Rittig

3 Functional brain imaging in bowel and bladder control, 21
Israel Franco

Section 2: Epidemiological aspects of bowel and bladder dysfunction
Alexander von Gontard

4 The epidemiology of childhood incontinence, 37
Anne J. Wright

5 Quality of life factors in bladder and bowel dysfunction, 61
Eliane Garcez da Fonseca

6 Psychological aspects in bladder and bowel dysfunction, 67
Alexander von Gontard

7 Neuropsychiatric disorders and genetic aspects of bowel or bladder dysfunction, 73
Israel Franco

Section 3: Evaluation of bowel and bladder dysfunction
Yves Homsy

8 Urodynamics in the pediatric patient, 91
Beth A. Drzewiecki and Stuart B. Bauer

9 Uroflowmetry and postvoid residual urine tests in incontinent children, 99
Stephen Shei ]Dei Yang and Shang ]Jen Chang

10 Evaluation of the child with voiding dysfunction, 107
Yves Homsy

11 Evaluation of constipation and fecal incontinence, 121
Marc A. Benninga

Section 4: Treatments of functional bowel and bladder dysfunction
Paul F. Austin

12 Implementation of urotherapy, 133
Wendy F. Bower and Janet W. Chase

13 The concept of physiotherapy for childhood BBD, 139
Janet W. Chase and Wendy F. Bower

14 Biofeedback for the treatment of functional voiding problems, 145
Ann Raes and Catherine Renson

15 Pharmacotherapy of the child with functional incontinence and retention, 153
Paul F. Austin and Israel Franco

16 Treatment of functional constipation and fecal incontinence, 163
Vera Loening ]Baucke and Alexander Swidsinski

17 Peripheral tibial nerve stimulation therapy for the treatment of functional voiding problems, 171
Mario De Gennaro and Maria Luisa Capitanucci

18 Sacral nerve stimulation therapy for the treatment of functional voiding problems, 175
Alonso Carrasco Jr, Moira E. Dwyer and Yuri E. Reinberg

19 Superficial stimulation therapy for the treatment of functional voiding problems, 183
Ubirajara Barroso, Jr

20 Botulinum toxin in the treatment of the functional bladder, 189
Luitzen ]Albert Groen and Piet Hoebeke

21 Psychological management of BBD, 201
Monika Equit and Alexander von Gontard

Section 5: Nocturnal enuresis
Israel Franco

22 Pathophysiology of nocturnal enuresis, 209
Søren Rittig and Konstantinos Kamperis

23 Evaluation of the enuretic child, 221
Tryggve Nevéus

24 Management of monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis (enuresis), 227
Johan Vande Walle

25 Psychological aspects in evaluation and management of nocturnal enuresis (NE), 245
Dieter Baeyens and Alexander von Gontard

Section 6: Neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction
Stuart Bauer

26 Diagnostic evaluation in children with neurogenic bladder, 257
Tom P.V.M. de Jong, Aart J. Klijn, Pieter Dik and Rafal Chrzan

27 Medical management of the neurogenic bladder, 263
Paul F. Austin and Stuart B. Bauer

28 Treatment of constipation and fecal incontinence: Neuropathic, 273
Mark P. Cain

29 Neuromodulation for neurogenic bladder in pediatric spinal dysraphism, 281
Elizabeth B. Yerkes and William E. Kaplan

30 Botulinum toxin in the treatment of neuropathic lower urinary tract dysfunction, 293
Paul F. Austin and Israel Franco

31 The surgical management of the neurogenic bladder, 299
Elias Wehbi and Antoine E. Khoury

32 Surgery for bowel dysfunction, 309
Terry L. Buchmiller

33 Neurological surgery for neurogenic bladder dysfunction, 317
Michael S. Park and Gerald F. Tuite

Index, 327


ISBN-13: 9781118814772
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley–Blackwell)
Publication date: October, 2015
Pages: 360
Dimensions: 170.00 x 251.00 x 21.82

Subcategories: Paediatrics and Neonatal, Urology