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Pearls for Leaders in Academic Medicine
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Main description:

“Pearls for Leaders in Academic Medicine” is a collection of concise bits of advice for medical school administrators on how to manage the challenges of playing a leadership role. The book covers topics ranging from how to negotiate the terms of a contract once you have accepted an administrative position, to broaching difficult subjects like termination, to managing budget crises. The authors have several years of experience as leaders in academic medicine and each “pearl” is the product of their practical expertise.

The book is formatted in a way that anyone who has gone to medical school will appreciate. Providing short, to-the-point answers to specific questions without the hassle of having to sort through unnecessary information. The “pearls” format is ideal for the busy faculty member who does not have time to waste.

Humorous and easily accessible, “Pearls for Leaders in Academic Medicine” is an invaluable resource for deans, department chairs, section chiefs and other senior level medical school administrators. However, it also provides insight for those considering a career as a leader in academic medicine, allowing them the benefit of advice from experienced leaders.


Quick, concise, practical insights into the world of academic leadership

Perfect for department heads, division chiefs, deans and other administrators

Back cover:

"If a leader is a person who does the right thing and a manager is a person who does things right, medical school administrators today must be both." 

Smart, succinct, and pragmatic, Pearls for Leaders in Academic Medicine is an essential handbook for every physician who aims to succeed in the often cutthroat and complex web of medical school and hospital administration. The "pearls" format provides easily accessible and to-the-point answers to specific inquiries, making it ideal for the fast-paced, busy administrative culture. The book covers a variety of salient topics including contract negotiation, the myths of academic medicine, media relations, grant approvals, and the always difficult issue of departmental budgets. Experienced deans offer their own counsel, such as:

 "There is always time to think. If after analyzing an issue, you remain unconvinced, go with your instincts honed by a career in academia. Never forget your core values and the academic mission." Gerald S. Levey, MD, Dean, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

 "The dean needs to be able to exhibit the steely confidence of Chili Palmer in Get Shorty, the decisive problem solving of Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction, and the quiet and magical sincerity of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series." Thomas A. Deutsch, MD, Dean of Rush Medical College, Chicago

The authors draw not only from their own experience to uncover these practical insights, but they have also called upon their administrative colleagues across the country for their expertise. Pearls for Leaders in Academic Medicine will prove to be an invaluable resource for deans, department chairs, section chiefs, senior level administrators, and those who are just beginning down the path to becoming a leader in academic medicine.


Preparing to be a Medical School Leader.- Negotiating a Contract.- Dispelling the Myths of Academic Medicine.- Adjusting to the Position.- Realizing that Education is the Priority.- Developing and Growing Research.- Caring for Others.- Keeping an Eye on the Money.- Managing a Financial Crisis.- Managing Organizational Change.- Relating to Faculty and Students.- Relating to the Media.- Connecting to the Community.- Talking About Things We Don't Like to Talk About.- Applying Management Principles to Academic Leadership.


ISBN-13: 9780387771144
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: May, 2008
Pages: 80

Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders, General Practice


Dr. Wilson is the director of the Office of Health Research and Development and dean emeritus of the UK College of Medicine. He has earned a national reputation for his work as a reproductive endocrinologist. In 1985, one of his patients had Kentucky’s first successful pregnancy by in vitro fertilization. He is the author of more than 130 articles and abstracts and has published four books.


Wilson was dean of the College of Medicine for 17 years. Under his direction, the College of Medicine became nationally recognized for educational innovations.


After completing a residency in obstetrics and genecology and serving in the U.S. Air Force, he held a faculty position and a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at Harvard Medical School. He returned to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine faculty in 1976. He is professor of obstetrics and gynecology in addition to his administrative duties.


He has served on the executive council of the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Counsel of Deans Administrative Board. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a member of many societies, including the American Medical Association, the Kentucky Medical Association, Society for Gynecologic Investigation, and the Royal Society of Medicine.