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Peach Red and the Empty Road
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Main description:


This is the story of Peter McFarlane's journey back from the brink of madness, following years of sexual abuse. His childhood was blighted with this secret and cynical disease, and his life became filled with hidden remnants of fear, affecting all relationships and colouring all experiences. Unconscious memories of abuse were awakened, due to the trauma of a car crash, and he met Dr Christian Langford who became his psychiatrist. Hearing from Peter about some of the recalled incidents, psychogenic amnesia was diagnosed, where the pain of remembering is so great that, for survival, a person finds it necessary to forget. Young Peter had grown up with only a few friends on the remote and sparsely populated Scottish island he loves, discovering his homosexuality when he was still very young. In the course of his therapy, Langford discovered that Peter was also suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, induced by post traumatic stress. The full extent of his mental health problem was revealed, and Peter's doctor was challenged to find a working cure that would give him back sufficient elements of his fractured life with which he could begin to piece together the stolen years of his life.

About the Author

Ron McLachlan was born in 1951, and now lives and writes in Wemyss Bay, a small coastal town in the west of Scotland. Ron has published a trilogy of novels, and has won, or been shortlisted, in a number of international, national, and local short story competitions. He has written another novel entitled The Saviour, and, in 2005, began a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, in New Jersey. As a child, he suffered years of abuse that led ultimately to years of therapy. "All my life," he says, "I have just been trying to survive."


ISBN-13: 9781847478665
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing (Chipmunkapublishing Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2011
Pages: 158

Subcategories: Psychology