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Patient Compliance
Sweetening the Pill
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Vast global resources are ploughed into the delivery of treatment interventions ranging from diet and lifestyle advice through to complex surgery. In all cases, whatever the intervention, unless the recipient is engaged with the process and understands why the intervention has been offered and the part they play in its success, compliance will be an issue. Even where the individual does engage and understand, he or she may choose, in the light of that knowledge, not to comply. This book aims to explore the key factors which drive compliance and the part that healthcare professionals can play in improving this, with the key underlying goal of improving public health in its broadest sense. During clinical trials, non-compliance undermines the accuracy of the data generated from the whole trial as well as particular aspects such as the efficacy of different dosages. In more general treatment of patients, improving compliance improves the real world effectiveness of treatments, which benefits healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry alike.
Western medicine faces a number of key challenges, not least: an aging population requiring increasing levels of treatment and prescription, spiralling costs of technology and treatment, and growing levels of viral resistance to drugs. Non-compliance is estimated to cost the pharma industry US$70 billion per year. No figures exist for the cost to healthcare insurers and public health but non-compliance is undoubtedly one of the top five issues facing both drug developers and healthcare providers.


List of contributors; Preface; Part I; What is Compliance?: Patient compliance - setting the scene, Dr Faiz Kermani and Dr Madhu Davies; View from the real world, Dr John Parkinson, Dr Li Wei and Professor T.M. MacDonald; Health economic aspects of patient non-compliance, Dr Dyffrig Hughes; Part II; The Challenge of Compliance: Patient compliance in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, Professor Gregory M. Peterson and Dr Shane L. Jackson; Patient compliance: A French perspective, Catherine Narayan-Dubois; Part III; Building For Success: Building in compliance from the start, Janice MacLennan; Formulating for compliance success, Dr Akira Kusai; Sweetening the pill - compliance and clinical trials, Dr Graham Wylie, Mike Bradburn, Dr Brian Edwards, Tanwen Evans and Dr Richard Kay; The role of pharma's field-based professionals in patient compliance, Dr Jane Y. Chin; The use of interactive communications technology in disease management and compliance / persistence programmes, Dr Bill Byrom and David Stein; Patient compliance: Putting interventions into practice, Alan Blaskett; Part IV; Achieving Compliance: Looking To The Future: No quick fix: Shared decision making and tailored patient support as the route to more effective medicine taking, Caroline Kelham, Joanne Shaw and Geraldine Mynor; The role of the expert patient in compliance and concordance, Brendan O'Rourke; Patient compliance - a complex picture emerges, Dr Faiz Kermani; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781317083269
Publisher: Gower Publishing Ltd
Publication date: December, 2006
Pages: 200

Subcategories: General Practice, Pharmacology, Public Health