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Palgrave Handbook of Social Theory in Health, Illness and Medicine
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Main description:

This wide-reaching handbook offers a new perspective on the sociology of health, illness and medicine by stressing the importance of social theory. Examining a range of classic and contemporary female and male theorists from across the globe, it explores various issues including chronic illness, counselling and the rising problems of obesity.


1. The Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine: Institutional Progress and Theoretical Frameworks ; Fran Collyer and Graham Scambler PART I: THE 19TH CENTURY THEORISTS 2. Harriet Martineau and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Forgotten Women in the Study of Gender and Health?; Ellen Annandale 3. Karl Marx and Frederich Engels: Capitalism, Health and the Healthcare Industry; Fran Collyer 4. Florence Nightingale: A Research-Based Approach to Health, Healthcare and Hospital Safety; Lynn McDonald 5. Emile Durkheim: Social Order and Public Health; Kevin Dew 6. Emile Durkheim and Thomas Luckmann: Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health; Rosemary Aird 7. George Herbert Mead: Meanings and Selves in Illness; Linda Liska Belgrave and Kathy Charmaz 8. Max Weber: Bureaucracy, Formal Rationality and the Modern Hospital; William C Cockerham PART II: THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY THEORISTS 9. Ludwik Fleck: Thought Collectives and the Sociology of Medical Knowledge; Kevin White 10. Norbert Elias and Erving Goffman: Civilised-Dramaturgical Bodies, Social Status and Health Inequalities; Peter Freund 11. Alfred Schutz: The Co-Construction of Meaning Within Professional-Patient Interaction; Patrick Brown 12. Antonio Gramsci and Pierre Bourdieu: 'Whiteness' and Indigenous Healthcare; Angela Durey PART III: THE MID 20TH CENTURY THEORISTS 13. Talcott Parsons: His Legacy and the Sociology of Health and Illness; Evan Willis 14. Robert Merton: Occupational Roles, Social Status and Health Inequalities; Johannes Siegrist 15. George Libman Engel: The Biopsychosocial Model and the Construction of Medical Practice; Marilys Guillemin and Emma Barnard 16. Harold Garfinkel: Lessons on Emergent Behaviours in Complex Organisations; Peter Nugus and Jeffrey Braithwaite 17. Meg Stacey: The Sociology of Health and Healing; Hannah Bradby 18. Erving Goffman: The Moral Career of Stigma and Mental Illness; Bernice Pescosolido 19. Eliot Freidson: Sociological Narratives of Professionalism and Modern Medicine; Michael Calnan 20. Ivan Illich and Irving Kenneth Zola: Disabling Medicalisation; Joseph E Davis 21. Michel Foucault: Governmentality, Health Policy and the Governance of Childhood Obesity; Julie Henderson 22. Niklas Luhmann: Social Systems Theory and the Translation of Public Health Research; Samantha Meyer, Barry Gibson and Paul Ward 23. Jurgen Habermas: Health and Healing Across the Lifeworld-System Divide; Graham Scambler 24. Pierre Bourdieu: Health Lifestyles, the Family and Social Class; Kate Huppatz PART IV: THE LATE 20TH CENTURY AND THEORISTS OF THE PRESENT 25. Colin Leys and Colin Hay: Market-Driven Politics and the Depoliticisation of Healthcare; Heather Whiteside 26. Vicente Navarro: Marxism, Medical Dominance, Healthcare and Health; David Coburn 27. Anthony Giddens: Structuration, Drug Use, Food Choice and Long-Term Illness; Jonathan Gabe and Joana Almeida 28. Anthony Giddens: The Reflexive Self and the Consumption of Alternative Medicine; Katie Hughes 29. Anthony Giddens: Risk, Globalisation and Indigenous Public Health; Eileen Willis and Meryl Pearce 30. William C Cockerham: The Sociology of Health Lifestyles; Brian Hinote 31. George Ritzer: Rationalisation, Consumerism and the McDonaldisation of Surgery; Justin Waring and Simon Bishop 32. Julia Kristeva: Abjection, Embodiment and Boundaries; Trudy Rudge 33. Magali Sarfatti-Larson and Anne Witz: Professional Projects, Class and Gender; Ivy Bourgeault 34. Raewyn Connell: Hegemonic Masculinities, Gender and Male Health; John Scott 35. Raewyn Connell: Gender, Health and Healthcare; Maree Herrett and Toni Schofield 36. Donna Haraway: The Digital Cyborg Assemblage and the New Digital Health Technologies; Deborah Lupton 37. Mike Bury: Biographical Disruption and Long-Term and Other Health Conditions; Louise Locock and Sue Ziebland 38. Bryan S Turner: Bringing Bodies and Citizenship Into the Discussion of Disability; Gary L Albrecht 39. Peter Conrad: The Medicalisation of Society; Simon Williams and Jonathan Gabe 40. Eva Feder Kittay: Dependency Work and the Social Division of Care; Michael Fine 41. Gosta Esping-Andersen: Welfare Regimes and Social Inequalities in Health; Mikael Rostila 42. Bruno Latour: From Acting at a Distance Towards Matters of Concern in Patient Safety; Su-yin Hor and Rick Iedema 43. Paul Farmer: Structural Violence and the Embodiment of Inequality; Fernando De Maio


ISBN-13: 9781137355621
Publisher: Macmillan Education (Palgrave Macmillan)
Publication date: February, 2015
Pages: 736

Subcategories: General Issues