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Pacing to Support the Failing Heart
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Main description:

This new title in the American Heart Association Clinical Series offers an up-to-date overview of the causes and damage related to dyssynchronopathy - a new pathophysiological entity related to spontaneous or pacing-induced mechanical abnormalities which causes heart failure. It presents the most recent diagnostic non-invasive tools and provides simple, practice-oriented therapeutic proposals for heart failure patients.


Contributors. Preface. Foreword. 1. Integrated Heart Failure Management: Marco Metra, Valerio Zaca, Savina Nodari and Livio Dei Cas. 2. Pathobiology of Left Ventricular Dussynchrony and Resynchronization: Robert H. Helm, David D. Spragg, Khalid Chakir and David A. Kass. 3. Electrical Assessment of the Failing Heart: Dan Blendea and Jagmeet P. Singh. 4. Mechanical Assessment of the Failing Heart: Przemyslaw P. Borek and Richard A. Grimm. Color Plate Section. 5. Clinical Trials and Response to CRT: Kenneth M. Stein. 6. Implantation of CRT Device: Christian Sticherling. 7. Programming CRT Devices: Bengt Herweg, Arzu Ilercil and S. Serge Barold. 8. Troubleshootig CRT Devices and Clinical Outcomes: Dusan Kocovic. 9. Non-CRT Pacing in the Failing Heart: Limiting Ventricular Pacing and Searching for Alternate Pacing Sites: C. W. Israel. 10. Non-CRT Pacing in the Failing Heart: Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM): Daniel Burkhoff, Martin Borggrefe and Christian Butter. 11. Clinical Outcome and Chronic Management of Device Patients: Patrick W. Fisher, A. G. Kfoury and Dale G. Renlund. 12. Future Directions in Pacing to Support the Failing Heart: Angelo Auricchio and Kennth A. Ellenbogen. Index. COI Table


ISBN-13: 9781444303469
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd))
Publication date: December, 2008
Pages: 392
Dimensions: 162.00 x 238.00 x 26.00

Subcategories: Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular Medicine, Diseases and Disorders