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Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disorders
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Oxidative stress is the result of an imbalance in pro-oxidant/antioxidant homeostasis that leads to the generation of toxic reactive oxygen species. Brain cells are continuously exposed to reactive oxygen species generated by oxidative metabolism, and in certain pathological conditions defense mechanisms against oxygen radicals may be weakened and/or overwhelmed. DNA is a potential target for oxidative damage, and genomic damage can contribute to neuropathogenesis. It is important therefore to identify tools for the quantitative analysis of DNA damage in models on neurological disorders. This book presents detailed information on various neurodegenerative disorders and their connection with oxidative stress. This information will provide clinicians with directions to treat these disorders with appropriate therapy and is also of vital importance for the drug industries for the design of new drugs for treatment of degenerative disorders. It contains the latest information on the subject of neurodegenerative disorders. It reflects on various factors involved in degeneration and gives suggestions for how to tackle these problems.


Preliminary contents 1.Oxidative Stresss and anti-oxidant therapy in neurological disorders. Ian N. Acworth 2. Contribution of neuropathology to the understanding of human prion disease. Kovacs GG, Kalev O, Budka H. 3. Dietary factors and Alzheimer's disease. Luchsinger JA, Mayeux R. 4. Oxidative stress-induced death in the nervous system: cell cycle dependent or independent? Langley B, Ratan RR. 5. Nitric oxide and cellular stress response in brain aging and neurodegenerative disorders: the role of vitagenes. Calabrese V, Boyd-Kimball D, Scapagnini G, Butterfield DA. 6. Diabetic neuropathies. Vinik AI, Mehrabyan A. 7. Oxidative stress in neurodegeneration: cause or consequence? Andersen JK. 8. Genetic contributions to Parkinson's disease. Huang Y, Cheung L, Rowe D, Halliday G. 9. Brain iron deposition and the free radical-mitochondrial theory of ageing. Schipper HM. 10. Selenium and brain function: a poorly recognized liaison. Schweizer U, Brauer AU, Kohrle J, Nitsch R, Savaskan NE. 11. Metals in our minds: therapeutic implications for neurodegenerative disorders. Doraiswamy PM, Finefrock AE. 12. Biomarkers of hypoxic brain injury in the neonate. Buonocore G, Perrone S. 13. Biomedicine. Parkinson's--divergent causes, convergent mechanisms. Greenamyre JT, Hastings TG. 14. Green tea protection against age-dependent ethanol-induced oxidative stress. Luczaj W, Waszkiewicz E, Skrzydlewska E, Roszkowska-Jakimiec W. 15. Biological significance of the defense mechanisms against oxidative damage in nucleic acids caused by reactive oxygen species: from mitochondria to nuclei. Nakabeppu Y, Tsuchimoto D, Ichinoe A, Ohno M, Ide Y, Hirano S, Yoshimura D, Tominaga Y, Furuichi M, Sakumi K. 16. Dietary compounds prevent oxidative damage and nitric oxide production by cells involved in demyelinating disease. van Meeteren ME, Hendriks JJ, Dijkstra CD, van Tol EA. 17. Alzheimer Disease and the role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of the disease. George Perry 18 Antioxidant status in acute stroke patients and patients at stroke risk. Zimmermann C, Winnefeld K, Streck S, Roskos M, Haberl RL. 19. Noradrenergic mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases: a theory. Marien MR, Colpaert FC, Rosenquist AC. 20. Neurodegenerative diseases and oxidative stress. Barnham KJ, Masters CL, Bush AI. 21. Redox regulation of heat shock protein expression in aging and neurodegenerative disorders associated with oxidative stress: a nutritional approach. Calabrese V, Scapagnini G, Colombrita C, Ravagna A, Pennisi G, Giuffrida Stella AM, Galli F, Butterfield DA. 22. Homocysteine and oxidative stress. Perna AF, Ingrosso D, De Santo NG. 23. Free radicals after painful stimulation are influenced by antioxidants and analgesics. Rokyta R, Holecek V, Pekarkova I, Krejcova J, Racek J, Trefil L, Yamamotova A. 24. A unifying view of ageing and disease: the double-agent theory. Lane N. 25. Can we prevent Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease? Kedar NP. 26. Reactive oxygen metabolites (ROMs) as an


ISBN-13: 9780080489490
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Publication date: March, 2007
Pages: 794
Dimensions: 165.00 x 240.00 x 38.00

Subcategories: Geriatrics, Medical Diagnosis, Neurology, Neuroscience