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Orthognathic Surgery
Principles, Planning and Practice
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Orthognathic Surgery: Principles, Planning and Practice is a definitive clinical guide to orthognathic surgery, from initial diagnosis and treatment planning to surgical management and postoperative care.
Addresses the major craniofacial anomalies and complex conditions of the jaw and face that require surgeryEdited by two highly experienced specialists, with contributions from an international team of expertsEnhanced by case studies, note boxes and more than 2000 clinical photographs and illustrationsServes as an essential reference for higher trainees and practicing clinicians in cranio-maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, plastic and reconstructive surgery and allied specialties


Foreword, xix
Preface, xxi
Acknowledgements, xxiii
Contributors, xxv
1 Introduction: Orthognathic Surgery A Life s Work, 1Hugo L. Obwegeser
2 Historical Evolution of Orthognathic Surgery, 23Farhad B. Naini
3 Orthognathic Surgery: Preliminary Considerations, 83Farhad B. Naini and Daljit S. Gill
4 Orthognathic Surgery: The Patient Pathway, 109Farhad B. Naini and Daljit S. Gill
5 Patient Evaluation and Clinical Diagnosis, 116Farhad B. Naini and Daljit S. Gill
6 Principles of Orthognathic Treatment Planning, 170Farhad B. Naini and Daljit S. Gill
7 Smile Aesthetics: Specific Considerations in the Orthognathic Patient, 214Daljit S. Gill and Farhad B. Naini
8 Orthodontic and Orthognathic Surgery Planning Using CBCT, 221Lucia H.S. Cevidanes, Vinicius Boen, Beatriz
9 Psychological Evaluation and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, 235Katharine A. Phillips and Canice E. Crerand
10 Patient Information Provision, 245Farhad B. Naini, Daljit S. Gill and Umberto Garagiola
11 Consent and Medicolegal Considerations, 263Robert A.C. Chate
12 Preparatory and Postoperative Orthodontics: Principles, Techniques and Mechanics, 270Farhad B. Naini and Daljit S. Gill
13 Model Surgery, 313Farhad B. Naini, James McInnes, Daljit S. Gill and Andrew Stewart
14 Perioperative Considerations and Anaesthesia for Orthognathic Surgery, 325Anne S. Blyth and Jelena Devic
15 Postoperative Care, Nutritional Support and Oral Hygiene in the Orthognathic Surgical Patient, 334Richard Cobb, Kelly Wade-McBane, Mehmet Manisali
16 The Soft Tissue Effects of Orthognathic Surgery, 341Daljit S. Gill, Farhad B. Naini and Maarten Koudstaal
17 Early Orthognathic Surgery: Considerations for SurgicalManagement, 347Pushkar Mehra and Larry M. Wolford
18 Stability of Orthognathic Surgery, 361Tate H. Jackson and Brent A. Golden
19 Management of Select Complications in Orthognathic Surgery, 373David S. Precious
20 Patient Satisfaction and Patient-Centred OutcomeMeasures in Orthognathic Surgery, 378Ceib Phillips and Caitlin Magraw
21 Introduction: Perspectives on Treatment Planning, 394Harvey M. Rosen
22 Le Fort I Osteotomy and Maxillary Advancement, 397Helen Witherow and Farhad B. Naini
23 Total Maxillary Set-Back Osteotomy, 422Joel Ferri and Romain Nicot
27 SurgicalManagement of Vertical Maxillary Deficiency (VMD), 463David J. David
28 Surgical Correction of Skeletal Anterior Open Bite: Segmental Maxillary Surgery, 480Johan P. Reyneke and Carlo Ferretti
29 Surgical Correction of Anterior Open Bite: Differential Posterior Maxillary Impaction, 498Farhad B. Naini, Andrew Stewart and Daljit S. Gill
30 Surgical Treatment of Anterior Open Bite with Mandibular Osteotomies, 521Dale Bloomquist and Don Joondeph
31 Rotation of the Maxillomandibular Complex, 530Johan P. Reyneke
32 Specific Considerations in the Low Angle Patient, 555Declan Millett
33 Osseous Genioplasty, 571Ali Totonchi, Sima Molavi and Bahman Guyuron
34 Asymmetries of the Maxilla andMandible, 581Farhad B. Naini, Mehmet Manisali and Daljit S. Gill
35 Temporomandibular Joint Replacement Surgery in the Orthognathic Patient, 608N. Shaun Matthews, Jonas Osher and Martyn T. Cobourne
36 Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion, 620Nigel Taylor and Paul Johnson
37 Mandibular Midline Osteotomy, 630Dale Bloomquist and Don Joondeph
38 Segmental Surgery of the Maxilla, 635Jocelyn M. Shand and Andrew A. Heggie
39 Total SubapicalMandibular Osteotomy, 642Jonathan Sandler, Alison Murray and Peter Doyle
40 Endoscopy in Maxillary andMandibular Orthognathic Surgery, 647Katherine P. Klein, Natalie N. Tung and Maria J. Troulis
41 The Role of the Orthognathic Surgeon in Facial Feminization Surgery, 654Keith Altman
42 Contemporary Approach to Surgical Timing in Orthognathic Surgery: The Surgery First Concept, 663Federico Hern'andez-Alfaro and Raquel Guijarro-Mart'ynez
43 Neurosurgical Access Surgery: The Role of the Orthognathic Surgeon, 675Helen Witherow, Daniel Archer
44 Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome, 690Ashraf Messiha, Ben Gurney and Piet Haers
45 Mandibular Intraoral Distraction Osteogenesis, 701Cesar A. Guerrero, Gisela I. Contasti-Bocco and Aura Marina Rodriguez
46 Maxillary Intraoral Distraction Osteogenesis, 713Cesar A. Guerrero
47 Introduction: Adjunctive Surgery, 722Foad Nahai
48 Rhinoplasty and Nasal Changes In Relation to Orthognathic Surgery, 724Mehmet Manisali and Leila Khamashta-Ledezma
49 Deep Plane Facelift, 739Farhad Ardeshirpour, Craig S. Murakami and Wayne F. Larrabee
50 Soft Tissue Resuspension, 747Alistair R.M. Cobb and Jonathan A. Britto
51 Soft Tissue Augmentation and Fat Grafting, 751Mehmet Manisali and Rahul Jayaram
52 Aesthetic Surgery of the Submental-Cervical Region, 758Tirbod Fattahi
53 Surgical Options for Aesthetic Enhancement of the Lips and Perioral Region, 763Joe Niamtu
54 Introduction: Craniofacial Surgery, 778Jesse A. Taylor and Scott P. Bartlett
55 Developmental Disorders of the Craniofacial Complex, 780Martyn T. Cobourne and David P. Rice
56 Orthognathic Surgery in the Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate, 796Alexander C. Cash and Alistair R.M. Cobb
58 High LevelMaxillofacial Osteotomies, 838Stephen Dover
59 Le Fort-based Maxillofacial Vascularized Transplantation, 846Chad R. Gordon, Harlyn K. Susarla, Edward Swanson, Seenu Susarla, Mehran Armand, Gerald Grant, Leonard B. Kaban and Michael J. Yaremchuk
60 Orthognathic Surgery One Patient s Perspective, 854Tania Murphy
61 Responding to Patients Psychological and Social Needs Following Orthognathic Surgery, 857Henrietta Spalding
Index, 867


ISBN-13: 9781118649947
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
Publication date: January, 2017
Pages: 936
Dimensions: 210.00 x 295.00 x 43.00

Subcategories: Dentistry