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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Secrets - E-Book
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Written in the proven Secrets� question-and-answer format, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Secrets, 3rd Edition is an authoritative source for the effective and safe practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) - and the ideal preparation tool for clinical rotations, exams, and board certification in OMS. Thoroughly revised and updated with the most current clinical information, this new edition provides dental students, OMS residents, and clinicians with practical tips, answers, and secrets from OMS experts. Best of all, it fits in your lab coat pocket so you can consult it wherever you go!


Part I. Patient Evaluation 1.�Are You Ready for Your Surgery Rotation? 2.�Pre-operative Evaluation. 3.�EKG 4.�Laboratory Tests 5.�Imaging Part II. Anesthesia - Part Editor6.�Local Anesthesia 7.�Intravenous Sedation 8.�Inhalational Anesthesia 9.�NEW! Anesthesia for Difficult Patients Part III. Postoperative Care 10.�Fluid and Electrolyte Management 11.�Nutritional Support 12.�Post-operative Complications 13.�NEW! ICU Care/Mechanical Ventilation Part IV. Medical Emergencies 14.�BLS/ACLS/ATLS 15.�Tracheostomy and Cricothyrotomy Part V. Management Considerations 16.�Cardiovascular Disease 17.�Respiratory Disease 18.�Liver/Hematology 19.�Renal 20.�Endocrine/Pregnant Patient 21.�The Diabetic Patient 22.�Immunocomprised Patient Part VI: Oral SurgerySection 1. Basic Surgical Science 23.�Applied Surgical Anatomy 24.�NEW! Wound Healing Section 2. Dentoalveolar 25.�DA/Pre-prosthetic Surgery 26.�Dental Implant 27.�Nerve Injury 28.�Orofacial Infection/Osteomylitis Section 3. Trauma 29.�NEW! DA Trauma 30.�Mandible Fracture 31.�Zygomatic/ZMC/Orbit 32.�NOE/Lefort 33.�Frontal Sinus 34.�Soft Tissue Injury Section 4. Craniofacial 35.�Craniofacial Syndrome 36.�NEW! Oromandibular Dystopia37.�Syndromes Affecting Orofacial Region 38.�Cleft Lip/Palate39.�Orthognathic Surgery� 40.�NEW! Distraction Osteogenesis 41.�Obstructive Sleep Apnea Section 5. TMJ/Facial Pain42.�Facial Pain/Headache 43.�TMJ Section 6. Pathology 44.�Cyst/Tumor 45.�Oral Cancer 46.�Salivary Gland Disease 47.�NEW! Vascular Anomalies 48.�NEW! Osteoradionecrosis/Osteonecrosis of the Jaws 49.�NEW! Neck Mass Section 7. Reconstruction 50.�NEW! Bone Grafting 51.�NEW! Local/Regional Flap 52.�NEW! Facial Special Unit Reconstruction 53.�NEW! Free Flap Section 8. NEW! Cosmetic 54.�Evaluation of Aging Face 55.�Forehead/Blepharoplasty 56.�Facelift/Neck 57.�Rhinoplasty 58.�Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedure


ISBN-13: 9780323294324
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: October, 2015
Pages: 576

Subcategories: Dentistry, General