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Nutrition in Pediatrics
Basic Science, Clinical Applications
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The field of pediatric nutrition has developed into an area essential to the components of academic pediatric programs throughout the world. Fundamental aspects of health and disease are strongly related to the "nutritional environment" (nutritional status and dietary intake). Available in two volumes, Nutrition in Pediatrics, Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive and accessible approach to pediatric nutrition. The 5th Edition continues the expansion of the section on pediatric obesity: epidemiology, pathophysiology, assessment and treatment. It includes new chapters on celiac disease, food allergies, and iron. This edition includes expanded and updated chapters on international nutrition, including focused chapters on nutrition in low- and middle-income countries. The text is divided into seven sections: General Concepts in Pediatric Nutrition, Physiology and Pathophysiology, Perinatal Nutrition, Obesity, Nutrition in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Nutritional Aspects of Specific Disease States, and Approach to Nutritional Support.
Key Features: * The valuable and comprehensive appendices-Nutritional Assessment, Nutritional Requirements, and Enteral Products-have been retained and updated in the new edition.* Chapters new to this edition include "Functional Food Ingredients: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Nutriceuticals, and Phytochemicals"; "Diet, Environment, and Gut Microbiota in the Metagenomic Era"; "Childhood Obesity Prevention"; "Parasitic and Fungal Infections"; and Nutrition Support Teams."* The previous edition's chapter on international nutrition has been expanded into a new section on nutrition in low- and middle-income countries, with the following new chapters: "The Nutrition Transition and Global Child Health," "Infant and Young Child Feeding in Low- and Middle-Income Countries," "Child Nutrition and Economic Development," "Global Interventions in Child Health," and Obesity in Developing Economies."


* PART I: GENERAL CONCEPTS*1. Nutrition: The Driving Force for Health, Disease Prevention, and Development: Robert D. Baker and Susan S. Baker*2. Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status: Babette S. Zemel, Asim Maqbool, and Irene E. Olsen*3. Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status: Clodagh M. Loughrey and Ian S. Young*4. Body Composition and Growth: Kenneth J. Ellis*5. Carbohydrates: Clemens Kunz, Lena Geiger, and Christoph Fusch*6. Proteins and Amino Acids: Johannes B. van Goudoever*7. Macronutrient Requirements for Growth: Fats and Fatty Acids: Kathrin Krohn and Berthold Koletzko*8. Trace Elements: Nancy F. Krebs, K. Michael Hambidge*9. Iron: Amina Z. Khambalia, and Ashley M. Aimone, and S.H. Zlotkin*10. Vitamins: Roland Kupka and Eduardo Villamor*11. Dietary Reference Intakes in the United States: Alice H. Lichtenstein and Stephen R. Daniels*12. Functional Food Ingredients: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Nutriceuticals, and Phytochemicals: Mandana Amir Shaghaghi, Peter J.H. Jones, and Phil M. Sherman* PART II: PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY*13. Energy Metabolism: Jean Luis Bresson*14. Severe, Acute Malnutrition: Pathophysiology, Clinical Consequences, and Treatment: Mary E. Penny*15. Childhood Malnutrition: Prevention and Control at the National Level: Gerardo Weisstaub, Ana Maria Aguilar, Magdalena Araya, Ann Hill, Ricardo Uauy*16. Community Nutrition and Its Impact on Children: Highly Industrialized Countries: Johanna Dwyer, Kristy Hendricks, Janice H. Y. Chow, Melanie Reyes*17 Nutritional Epidemiology: Carine Lenders, Emily Keefe, and Walter C. Willett*18. Drug Therapy and the Role of Nutrition: Kathleen M. Gura, Lingtak-Neander Chan* PART III: PERINATAL NUTRITION*19. Nutrition and Gene Expression: Mona Bajaj-Elliot and Ian Sanderson*20. Nutrition and Epigenetics: Sang-Woon Choi and Simonetta Friso*21. Nutrition and the Humoral Regulation of Growth: William E. Russell and J. Marc Rhoads*22. Gastrointestinal Development: Implications for Infant Feeding: Josef Neu, Martha Douglas-Escobar, and Sandra Fucile*23. Diet, Environment, and Gut Microbiota in the Metagenomic Era: Carlotta de Filippo and Paolo Lionetti*24. Nutrition and Neuropsychological Development: Maureen M. Black and Kristen M. Hurley*25. Maternal Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcome: Theresa O. Scholl and Xinhua Chen*26. Human Growth and Disease in Later Life: David J.P. Barker*27. Nutrition and Development of the Fetus: Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism William W. Hay, Jr., Laura D. Brown, Stephanie R. Thorn, and Paul J. Rozance*28. Amino Acid Nutrition in Utero: Placental Function and Metabolism: Timothy R.H. Regnault and Frederick C. Battaglia*29. Human Milk: Nutritional Properties: Marcia H. Monaco and Sharon M. Donovan*30. Protective Properties of Human Milk and Bacterial Colonization of the Neonatal Gut: Anne Donnet-Hughes, Eduardo J. Schiffrin, W. Allan Walker*31. Approach to Breastfeeding: Robert M. Lawrence and Ruth A. Lawrence*32. Low-Birthweight Infants: Inpatient Care: Thibault Senterre and Alexandre Lapillonne*33. Nutritional Management of Preterm Infants Post-Discharge: Mandy Brown Belfort*34. The Term Infant: Ekhard E. Ziegler and Susan J. Carlson*35. Complementary Feeding and Health Outcomes: Mary S. Fewtrell* PART IV: OBESITY*36. Energy and Substrate Regulation in Obesity: Daniel J. Hoffman and Susan B. Roberts*37. Evaluation and Management of Childhood Obesity: Alison G. Hoppin and Janey S. Pratt*38. The Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adolescents: Martin Wabitsch*39. Childhood Obesity Prevention: John J. Reilly and Adrienne Hughes* PART V: NUTITION IN LOW- AND MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRIES*40. The Nutrition Transition and Global Child Health: Benjamin Caballaro*41. Infant and Young Child Feeding in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Souheila Abbeddou and Ken Brown*42. Child Nutrition and Economic Development : William A. Masters*43. Global Interventions in Child Health: Zulfiqar A. Bhutta and Jai K. Das*44. Pediatric HIV Infection: Colleen Hadigan and Anna Coutsoudis*45. Obesity in Developing Economies: Sumathi Swaminathan and Anura Kurpad* PART VI: NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS OF SPECIFIC DISEASE STATES*46. Feeding Difficulties: Peter B. Sullivan*47. Failure to Thrive: Growth Failure in the Outpatient Setting: Jennifer A. Woo Baidal and Susanna Y. Huh*48. Developmental Disabilities: Kelly A. Dougherty and Babette S. Zemel*49. Inborn Errors of Metabolism and the Liver: Charles P. Venditti and Gerard T. Berry*50. Inborn Errors of Fasting Adaptation: Glycogen Storage Disease: David A. Weinstein, Katalin M. Ross*51. Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease: Nancy M. Rodig*52. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Francesca Penagini and Rob Heuschkel*53. Paracitic and Fungal Infections: Ciaran Kelly and Dascha Weir*54. Food Allergies: Julie Wang, Jennifer M. Maloney, and Hugh A. Sampson*55. Exocrine Pancreas: Kevin Gaskin and Caron Blumenthal*56. Acute and Chronic Liver Disease: Deirdre Kelly, Susan Protheroe, and Sara Clarke*57. Cancer Prevention: A. Lindsay Frazier*58. Cancer Treatment: Lori J. Bechard and Christopher Duggan*59. Diabetes Mellitus: Joseph I. Wolfsdorf, Sanjeev Mehta, Maryanne Quinn, Karen Y. Warman*60. Diarrheal Diseases: Christopher Duggan and Kerri Gosselin*61. Intestinal Failure, Short Bowel Syndrome, and Intestinal Transplantation: Daniel Kamin and Olivier Goulet*62. The Critically Ill Child: Eric A. Sparks, Jeremy G. Fisher, Faraz Kahn, Nilesh M. Mehta, and Tom Jaksic*63. Hyperlipidemiaand Cardiovascular Diseases: Sarah D. DeFerranti*64. Diet and Dental Disease: James H. Shaw and Linda P. Nelson*65. Adolescent Eating Disorders: Kendrin R. Sonneville and Alison E. Field*66. Advancing Bone Health: Keith J. Loud and Catherine M. Gordon* PART VII: APPROACH TO NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT*67. Enteral Nutrition and Formulas: Zoe McCallum and Julie E. Bines*68. Parenteral Nutrition: Corina Hartman, Arie Riskin, and Raanan Shamir*69. Nutrition in the Athlete: Kathryn E. Ackerman and Madhusmita Misra*70. Special Diets and Dietary Counseling: Sharon Evans, Tracey Jonson, Kathi Dokoupil, and Anita MacDonald*71. Nutrition Support Teams: Virginie Colomb and Cecile Lambe* APPENDICES* I APPENDIX I. Nutritional Assessment Melanie Connolly, RD* II APPENDIX II. Nutritional Requirements Melanie Connolly, RD * III APPENDIX III. Enteral Products Melanie Connolly, RD


ISBN-13: 9781607952732
Publisher: Eurospan (PMPH-USA Limited)
Publication date: June, 2016
Pages: None

Subcategories: Nutrition, Paediatrics and Neonatal