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Nursing Diagnosis Handbook - E-Book
An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care
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Main description:

Ackley's Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care, 11th Edition helps practicing nurses and nursing students select appropriate nursing diagnoses and write care plans with ease and confidence. This convenient handbook shows you how to correlate nursing diagnoses with known information about clients on the basis of assessment findings, established medical or psychiatric diagnoses, and the current treatment plan. Extensively revised and updated with the new 2015-2017 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, it integrates the NIC and NOC taxonomies, evidence-based nursing interventions, and adult, pediatric, geriatric, multicultural, home care, and client/family teaching and discharge planning considerations to guide you in creating unique, individualized care plans.


Section I: Nursing Diagnosis, the Nursing Process and Evidence Based Nursing An explanation of how to make a nursing diagnosis and plan care using the nursing process and evidence based nursing. Section II: Guide to Nursing Diagnoses Includes suggested nursing diagnoses and page references for over 1300 client symptoms, medical and psychiatric diagnoses, diagnostic procedures, surgical interventions, and clinical states. Section III: Guide to Planning Care The definition, defining characteristics, risk factors, related factors, suggested NOC outcomes, client outcomes, suggested NIC interventions, interventions with rationales, geriatric interventions (when appropriate), home care interventions, culturally competent nursing interventions where appropriate, client/family teaching and World Wide Web sites (when available) for client education for each alphabetized nursing diagnosis. Also includes a pain assessment guide and equianalgesic chart. Appendixes A:� Nursing Diagnoses Arranged by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs B:� Nursing Diagnoses Arranged by Gordon's Functional Health Patterns C:� Motivational Interviewing D:� Wellness-Oriented Diagnostic Categories


ISBN-13: 9780323390323
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: February, 2016
Pages: 1008

Subcategories: Nursing