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Nurses as Leaders
Evolutionary Visions of Leadership
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Main description:

Integrates the perspectives of contemporary nurse leaders to foster an innovative, collaborative future Encompassing the wisdom of both established and emerging nurse leaders, this expansive book demonstrates proof of theory in action and the influence of our great nursing legacy on today's luminaries as they carve out new terrain to benefit current and future health care needs. With a far-reaching, ambitious perspective, it is the first text to link the ideas of nurse leaders from very diverse specialty areas including holism, advanced practice, education, policy, global health, journalism, and spiritual communities. The book examines the professional and scholarly accomplishments of these nurse leaders within an historical context, and facilitates succession planning for the next generation through of combination of outcomes-based writing, storytelling and personal reflection. Dozens of expert contributors from practice and theory arenas describe how to develop leadership skills and tactics through the implementation of local, national, and international initiatives.
With an eye to creative evolution in education, research and clinical settings, they discuss how emerging nurse leaders can be agents of change - beyond the confines of traditional practice and curricula - through innovation and collaboration. Contributors also relate the circumstances and experiences that sparked their nursing passions, the moral/ethical foundation from which they practice, and inspired messages toward communal, societal, and global impact within nursing of the future. Each chapter author follows a template to ensure continuity and includes end-of-chapter reflection questions. Key Features: * Distills the perspectives of current and emerging nurse leaders from a diverse array of specialty areas to unify the collective of nursing * Redefines praxis possibilities in education, research, and practice* Outlines contributing nurse leaders practical and scholarly accomplishments* Describes how to facilitate change through innovation and collaboration* Teaches the development of leadership skills and tactics


ISBN-13: 9780826131034
Publisher: Springer (Springer Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: June, 2016
Pages: 487

Subcategories: Nursing