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New Sociology of the Health Service
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Health service policy and health policy have changed considerably over the past fifteen years and there is a pressing need for an up-to-date sociological analysis of health policy. Not only have policies themselves changed but new policy themes - such as evidence-based policy and practice, an increasing focus on a primary care led health service, a growing recognition of the need to address inequalities through public health policies and a focus on the views and the voice of the user and the public - have emerged alongside some of the old.Following up the very successful "The Sociology of the Health Service", this all-new volume covers a broad range of key contemporary health services issues. It includes chapters on consumerism, technology, evidence-based practice, public health, managerialism and social care among others, and incorporates references to new developments, such as regulation and incentivization, throughout. "The New Sociology of the Health Service" provides a vital new sociological framework for analyzing health policy and healthcare. It is an important read for all students and researchers of medical sociology and health policy.


1. Remaking a Trustworthy Medical Profession in Twenty-first Century Britain?, Mary Ann Elston 2. Changing Forms of Managerialism in the NHS: Hierarchies, Markets and Networks, Sue Dopson 3. The Restratification of Primary Care in England? A Sociological Analysis, Michael Calnan and Jonathan Gabe 4. Visions of Privatization: New Labour and the Reconstruction of the NHS, John Mohan 5. The Pharmaceutical Industry, the State and the NHS, John Abraham 6. Evidenced-based Practice in UK Health Policy, Stephen Harrison and Kath Checkland 7. Innovation and Implementation in Health Technology: Normalizing Telemedicine, Carl May 8. Health Care, Consumerism and the Politics of Identity, Timothy Milewa 9. Mainstream Marginality: 'Non-orthodox' Medicine in an 'Orthodox' Health Service, Sarah Cant 10. Social Care: Relationships, Markets and Ethics, Caroline Glendenning 11. Equalizing the People's Health: a Sociological Perspective, Jennie Popay and Gareth Williams


ISBN-13: 9781134049677
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: March, 2009
Pages: 264
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 15.00

Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice