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Neuroscience and the Economics of Decision Making
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Main description:

In the last two decades there has been a flourishing research carried out jointly by economists, psychologists and neuroscientists. This meltdown of competences has lead towards original approaches to investigate the mental and cognitive mechanisms involved in the way the economic agent collects, processes and uses information to make choices. This research field involves a new kind of scientist, trained in different disciplines, familiar in managing experimental data, and with the mathematical foundations of decision making. The ultimate goal of this research is to open the black-box to understandthe behavioural and neural processes through which humans set preferences and translate these behaviours into optimal choices. This volume intends to bring forward new results and fresh insights into this matter.


Foreword A. Innocenti, A. Sirigu Part 1: Evidence on the Neuroscientific Foundations of Decision-Making 1. Private and Social Counterfactual Emotions: Behavioural and Neural Effects C. Crespi, S.F. Cappa, N. Canessa 2. The Influence of Social Value Orientation on Information Processing in Repeated Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (VCM) Games: An Eye-Tracking Analysis S. Fiedler, A. Glockner, A. Nicklisch 3. Gaze Bias Reveals Different Cognitive Processes in Decision Making Under Uncertainty P. Piu, F. Fargnoli, A. Rufa Part 2: Emotions and Morality in Decision-Making 4. Moral Sentiments: A Behavioral Economics Approach M. Zeelenberg, S.M. Breugelmans, I.E. de Hooge 5. Neuropsychology of Moral Judgment and Risk Seeking: What in Common? A New Look on Emotional Contribution to Decision-Making M. Balconi, A. Terenzi 6. Emotional Decisions - The Induction-of-Intrinsic-Desires Theory C. Lumer Part 3: Learning and Risk Attitude in Decision-Making 7. From Habit to Addiction: A Study in Online Gambling Behavior W. Jolley, D.N. Black 8. Gains and Losses in Intertemporal Preferences: A Behavioural Study V. Faralla, F. Benuzzi, P. Nichelli, N. Dimitri Part 4: Probability and Judgment in Decision-Making 9. Cognitive and Affective Responses to Schema Incongruent Brand Messages: An Empirical Study G. Halkias, F. Kokkinaki 10. Expert Elicitation Method Selection Process and Method Comparison A. Dalton, A. Brothers, S. Walsh, A. White, P. Whitney Part 5: Decision-Making in Social Interaction 11. Does Sharing Payoffs Affect Gender Differences in Accountability? J. Brandts, O. Garofalo 12. Social Learning and Rational Choice S. Di Piazza, L. Vaccarella, A. Dell'Ava, S. Conti, A. Rizzo


ISBN-13: 9781136333750
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: April, 2012
Pages: 256