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Neuropsychology of Women
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Main description:

The “Diversity in Clinical Neuropsychology” series is designed to highlight cultural and moderator variables involved in the study of brain-behavior relationships. Historically, the study of psychology and neuropsychology has focused on the male brain being the standard to which all or most variables are considered. The study of sex differences is perhaps the most provoking and far-reaching aspect of diversity because frequently women have unique assessment and treatment needs. For example, frontal lobe functioning tends to be more contextual for women than for men. These brain functions have behavioral counterparts that directly relate to how interventions may be tailor made to suit the female rather than male patient.

The goal in neuropsychology is always to improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes, and a cohesive summary of the neuropsychology of the female brain would raise awareness and cultural competency of clinicians in neuropsychology. Authors will focus on sex differences in the neuropsychological, cognitive, and development literature; ethnic and socioeconomic variables affecting diagnosis and treatment of women; and social/emotional and behavioral manifestations of neuropsychological sex differences.


While every research study and text in the field of neuropsychology is required to include analyses of sex differences with relation to neuropsychological development, assessment, intervention, and research, there are no individual volumes on the market that focus on the unique aspects of female neuropsychological functioning

The editor and contributors are well-known neuropsychologists, researchers, and authors in their own right

The focus is designed to stimulate curiosity. Neuropsychologists will be interested in this book because it contains specialized information that is germane to their practice

Back cover:

The Neuropsychology of Women

Edited by Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Private Practice, Cleveland

The male brain has traditionally set the standard in the neuroscientific literature, whether the topic was normal development or pathological conditions; yet complex factors contribute to women having assessment and treatment needs apart from those of men. The current volume in the Diversity in Clinical Neuropsychology series, The Neuropsychology of Women is the first resource to focus exclusively on these factors.

The contributing panel of neuropsychologists and researchers offers the reader a thorough grounding in female brain functioning in developmental, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and pathology contexts while also raising and addressing significant questions about socioeconomic variables that frequently result in compromised care. A deeper awareness of these data enhances readers’ clinical knowledge, leading to more accurate assessment and diagnosis, suitably tailored interventions, and better treatment outcomes in these chapter areas:

  • Traumatic brain injury.

  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • Learning disabilities.

  • Eating disorders.

  • Seizure disorders.

  • Psychopathological conditions.

The Neuropsychology of Women is a major step forward in the cultural competence literature, deserving of a wide audience among neuropsychologists (hospital-based, academic, private practice), clinical psychologists, and rehabilitation professionals.



to the Neuropsychology of Women.- Brain Development: Evidence of Gender Differences.- Neuroimaging in Women.- Women and Traumatic Brain Injury.- Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.- The Neuropsychology of Dyslexia: Differences by Gender.- Sex and Gender Differences in the Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Epilepsy.- Critical Issues in Chronic Illnesses of Women.- Neuropsychology of Eating Disorders.- Aging and Gender.


ISBN-13: 9780387769080
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: December, 2008
Pages: 342

Subcategories: Psychology


Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D., NCSP obtained her doctorate in School Psychology from the College of William and Mary in 1993, and has been a school psychologist in the public schools and neuropsychiatric inpatient settings for the past 23 years. She is currently Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Dr. Fletcher-Janzen has co-edited and authored twelve books and reference works. including the Handbook of School Neuropsychology and the Handbook of Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology. She and is currently editing and writing the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Special Education and the third edition of the Handbook of Clinical Child Neuropsychology. Her current research interests are in the cross-cultural aspects of cognitive abilities, the impact of socioeconomic status on intelligence scores, neuropsychological aspects of chronic illness, and the systematic management of pediatric chronic illness in school and clinical settings.