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Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
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Main description:

Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition of "Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing" is a comprehensive, evidence-based text for nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies. Written by and for nurses, it concentrates on the common problems occurring within the neonatal intensive care unit. This user-friendly text will enable nurses to recognise, rationalise and remedy these problems using both a multi-systems and an evidence-based approach. Individual chapters of this title include: Professional Development; Developmentally-focused Nursing Care; Resuscitation of the Newborn; Management of Thermal Stability; Management of Respiratory Disorders; Cardiovascular Management; Brain Injury in the Preterm Infant; Haematological Problems; Pain Management; Fluid and Electrolyte Balance; Nutritional management; Neonatal Infection; Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures; Neonatal Anaesthesia; Surgical Aspects of Neonatal Intensive Care; Neonatal Transport; Family Support; Ethics and Neonatal Nursing; Medication in the Newborn; and, Death and Dying in the Neonatal Unit.
It is essential reading for experienced nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies within the neonatal intensive care unit, for nurses undertaking qualifications in the specialism of neonatal nursing and for pre-registration students undertaking relevant modules or placements.


1. Evidence based practice 2. Developmentally focussed nursing care 3. Families in NICU 4. Resuscitation of the newborn 5. Management of thermal stability 6. Management of respiratory disorders 7. Management of cardiovascular disorders 8. Neonatal brain injury 9. Management of haematological disorders 10. Management of neonatal pain 11. Fluid and electrolyte balance 12. Nutritional management in NICU 13. Neonatal infection 14. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures 15. Neonatal anaesthesia 16. Neonatal surgery 17. Neonatal transport 18. Medication in the newborn 19. Bereavement in the NICU 20. Ethics and neonatal nursing


ISBN-13: 9780203857076
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: April, 2010
Pages: 542
Dimensions: 174.00 x 246.00 x 23.00

Subcategories: Midwifery, Nursing, Paediatrics and Neonatal