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Music Therapy and Addictions
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Main description:

Recent studies show that music is closely linked to addiction and can function as an integral part of recovery. This research-based book demonstrates how music and music therapy can be applied in a variety of treatment settings to bring about therapeutic change. Addictions such as alcohol, gambling and drugs are all covered in this interdisciplinary text, and chapters explore everything from the meaning of music in the lives of addicts to devising music therapy programs, enhancing coping strategies and preventing relapse. Lifestyle issues are also considered, along with therapeutic communities and connections in the brain between addiction, music, memory and emotion. The strategies outlined are relevant to addicts and recovering addicts of all ages. This book will be of interest to music therapists, substance abuse counsellors, and anybody else interested in the link between music and addiction.


Introduction - Coherence and Timing.; David Aldridge, Nordoff Robbins Centre, Witten, Germany.; 1. Music therapy, Addiction and Reward. Jorg Fachner.; 2. Authenticity and Intimacy: The Experience of Group Music Therapy for Substance Dependent Adults Living in a Therapeutic Community. John Hedigan.; 3. Drug Addicts and their Music: A Story of a Complex Relationship. Tsvia Horesh, Ramot-Yehuda Zoharim Therapeutic Community, Israel.; 4. The Role of Music Therapy in Helping Drug-Dependents. Mohammad Reza Abdollahnejad.; 5. How to Deal with Music? Enhancing Coping Strategies of Clients Suffering from Addiction Problems with Music Therapy. Irene T.F. Dijkstra and Laurien G. Hakvoort.; 6. Music Therapy with Chemically Dependent Clients: A Relapse Prevention Model. Ted Ficken, Oregon State Hospital and Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon.; 7. Music Therapy as a Part of Drug Rehabilitation - From Adhering to Treatment to Integrating the Levels of Experience. Marko Punkanen, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research, University of Jyvaskyla.; 8. Gambling Addiction: Evaluation of a Multi-Method Treatment Programme Including Music Therapy. Jaakko Erkkila and Tuomas Eerola.; 9. The Aldridge Model: An Ecological Systemic Approach. David Aldridge.; Bibliography.


ISBN-13: 9780857002945
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: April, 2010
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 13.00