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Migration and Mental Health
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Main description:

Human migration is a global phenomenon and is on the increase. It occurs as a result of 'push' factors (asylum, natural disaster), or as a result of 'pull' factors (seeking economic or educational improvement). Whatever the cause of the relocation, the outcome requires individuals to adjust to their new surroundings and cope with the stresses involved, and as a result, there is considerable potential for disruption to mental health. This volume explores all aspects of migration, on all scales, and its effect on mental health. It covers migration in the widest sense and does not limit itself to refugee studies. It covers issues specific to the elderly and the young, as well as providing practical tips for clinicians on how to improve their own cultural competence in the work setting. The book will be of interest to all mental health professionals and those involved in establishing health and social policy.


Foreword Mario Maj; Preface; 1. Types of migration: setting the scene Dinesh Bhugra, Susham Gupta and Pedro Ruiz; 2. Epidemiological aspects of migration and mental illness James Kirkbride and Peter Jones; 3. Migration and mental illness: an epidemiological perspective I-Chao Liu and Andrew Cheng; 4. Globalisation, migration and mental disorders Dinesh Bhugra and Susham Gupta; 5. Pre-migration and mental health of refugees Thomas Stompe, David Holzer and Alexander Friedmann; 6. Ethnicity, migration and mental health: the role of social and economic inequalities James Nazroo and Karen Iley; 7. Risk and protective factors in migrants Driss Moussaoui and Mohamed Agoub; 8. Migration and its impact on the psychopathology of psychoses Thomas Stompe and David Holzer; 9. Identity and migration Kam Bhui; 10. Cultural bereavement Dinesh Bhugra, Wojteck Wojcik and Susham Gupta; 11. Collective trauma Daya Somasundaram; 12. The impact of acculturative stress on the mental health of migrants Pedro Ruiz, Carol Maggi and Anna Yusim; 13. Migration and mental health of older people Ajit Shah; 14. Migration and its effects on child mental health Nisha Dogra, Khalid Karim and Pablo Ronzoni; 15. Mental health issues related to migration in women Prabha Chandra; 16. Adapting mental health services to the needs of migrants and ethnic minorities J. D. Ingleby; 17. Refugee and asylum seekers Tom Craig; 18. Reconstructing Hermes: the messenger gets a voice Adil Qureshi, Hilda Wara-Revollo, Francisco Collazos, Jannat el Harrak, Cristina Visiers, MarĂ­a del Mar Ramos and Miguel Casas; 19. Migrants and mental health: working across culture and language Rachel Tribe; 20. Managing relationships and psychotherapy Stephen Turner and Dinesh Bhugra; 21. Harmacotherapy/medical management Norman Poole and Dinesh Bhugra; 22. Mental health of migrants in China - is it a No Man's Land? Roger Ng; 23. Migrant and refugee mental health in Canada: lessons and prospects Laura Simich and Morton Beiser; 24. Conclusions Dinesh Bhugra and Susham Gupta; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780511922619
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: December, 2010
Pages: 366
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 20.00