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Microbial Biotechnology
An Interdisciplinary Approach
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Main description:

Microbial Biotechnology: An Interdisciplinary Approach covers all aspects of microbial biotechnology, whilst bringing the field of functional foods and microbial bioremediation to the fore. Recounting the interdisciplinary scope of biotechnology and its discoveries, this text presents innovative ideas in the field of emerging biotechnology providing the scientific community with a much needed new resource. Acting as an important means of information for researchers working in interdisciplinary areas of research, this text: * Envisages the recent ideas of novel findings in microbiology * Provides insight into the various interdisciplinary research avenues * Uniquely covers a diverse range of topics * Presents groundbreaking new findings in key areas of modern biotechnology Enhanced and straight forward descriptions cater to the needs of researchers working in areas of bacterial exopolysaccharides, microalgal proteomics, applications of Microbial L-asparaginases, novel aspects of bioremediation, Probiotics and their impact on society, and microbial community analysis in waste water treatment techniques.
It will also prove crucial reading for senior undergraduate and graduate students and professionals working in areas of modern biotechnology.


1. Bacterial exopolysaccharides: Major types and future prospects 2. BIOREMEDIATION: "A novel green technology to clean up highly contaminated chromium mining sites of Odisha" 3. Recent developments in food Biotechnology to improve human health with probiotics with special emphasis on lowering of cholesterol. 4. Molecular characterization and quantification of microbial communities in wastewater treatment systems 5. Thermostable enzymes and their industrial applications 6. Microbial enzymes for pulp and paper industry: Prospects and developments 7. Rhizobacteria: Tools for the management of plant abiotic stresses 8. Betulin biotransformation towards its anti tumor activities: A brief overview. 9. Optimizing the performance of wastewater treatment plants and effluent quality using evolutionary algorithms 10. Production of fructooligosaccharides as ingredient of probiotic applications: future scope and trends 11. Avenues in Ophthalmic Optical Coherence tomography (OCT) in medical biotechnology: Prospects and future trends.


ISBN-13: 9781315350851
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: December, 2016
Pages: 216

Subcategories: General Issues