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Microbial Applications Vol.2
Biomedicine, Agriculture and Industry
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Main description:

This contributed volume provides insights into multiple applications using microbes to promote productivity in agriculture, to produce biochemicals or to respond to challenges in biomedicine. It highlights the microbial production of nanocompounds with medical functionality alongside new anti-mycobacterial strategies, and introduces plant-growth-promoting Rhizobacteria as well as the correlation between biofilm formation and crop productivity. Further, the authors illustrate the green synthesis of biochemical compounds, such as hydroxamid acid or biosurfactants, using microbial and fungal enzymes. It inspires young researchers and experienced scientists in the field of microbiology to explore the combined use of green, white and red biotechnology for industrial purposes, which will be one of the central topics for future generations.


A. Biomedicine 1) Role of Bacteria in Nanocompounds formation and their Application in Medical Rubbel Singla, Anika Guliani, Avnesh Kumari, Sudesh Kumar Yadav 2) Microbial Source of Melatonin and Its Clinical Aspects Sanjay Kumar*, Brendan P Mulligan, Shreesh Ojha, Alex H Tinson 3) Major Source of Marine Actinobacteria and its Biomedical application Ram Baskaran, Ashok Kumar, Wu Zuo, Gaobing Wu, Mohammad Asadur Rahman, JunPeng Chen, Shaowei Zhang 4) Antimycobacterial Agents: To Target or Not to Target Andaleeb Sajid*, Gunjan Arora, Richa Virmani, and Anshika Singhal B. Agriculture 5) Microbial Biofilm: Role in crop productivity Bhagwan Rekadwad, and Chandrahasya Khobragade 6) Bacterial quorum sensing (QS) in rhizosphere (paddy soil): Understanding soil signaling and N- recycling for increased crop production Bhagwan Rekadwad, and Chandrahasya Khobragade 7) Use of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria as biocontrol agents. Induced systemic resistance against biotic stress in plants. Maria Victoria Salomon, Ivan Funes Pinter, Patricia Piccoli, Ruben Bottini 8) Biological Routes for the Synthesis of Platform Chemicals from Biomass Feedstocks Md. Imteyaz Alama, Mohammad Asif Alib, Shelaka Guptaa, M. Ali Haider C. Industry 9) Green synthesis of hydroxamic acid and its potential industrial applications Bhatia Ravi Kant, Bhatia Shashi Kant, Bhalla Tek Chand and Bhatt Arvind Kumar 10) Bioactive Natural Products: An overview- with particular emphasis on those possessing potential to inhibit microbial quorum sensing Vijay Kothari*, Pooja Patel, and Chinmayi Joshi 11) Fungi imperfecti laccase: Biotechnological potential and perspectives Bhagwan Rekadwad, Chandrahasya Khobragade 12) Biosurfactants: a multifunctional microbial metabolite Neha Panjiar, Shashwati Ghosh Sachan, and Ashish Sachan 13) Bioproduction of polyhydroxyalkanoate from plant oils Fakhrul Ikhma Bin Mohd Fadzil, Takeharu Tsuge 14) Microbial Synthesis of Polyhydroxyalkanoates: Diversification Qi Wang*, and Changshui Liu 15) Microbe derived itaconic acid: Novel route for biopolyamides Mohammad Asif Ali, and Tatsuo Kaneko 16) Basics of Methanogenesis in Anaerobic Digester Vinay Patel+, Soumya Pandit+, Kuppam Chandrasekhar 17) Laccases: Blue Copper Oxidase in Lignocellulose Processing Dayanand C Kalyani, Jogi Madhuprakash, and Svein Jarle Horn


ISBN-13: 9783319526690
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: April, 2017
Pages: 350
Dimensions: 155.00 x 235.00 x 21.00

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology