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Mental Health Services for Adults with Intellectual Disability
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Main description:

This book considers how mental health services have evolved over the past three decades to meet the needs of people with intellectual disability, focusing on the ways that theories and policies have been applied to clinical practice. Nick Bouras and Geraldine Holt both have extensive experience in developing and running mental health services and bring together international contributors all with longstanding expertise in the fields of mental health and intellectual disability. They present the current evidence based practice as how people with intellectual disability can be best cared for in clinical settings. The book embraces a foreword by Professor David Goldberg and is divided into three sections: development of specialist mental health services, clinical practice, and training as an integrated component of service delivery. Chapters cover topics including: the association between psychopathology and intellectual disability; international perspectives; neuroimaging and genetic syndromes; and, training professionals, families and support workers.
"Mental Health Services for Adults with Intellectual Disability" provides an overview of the many improvements that have been made in services for people with intellectual disability, as well as examining the shortcomings of the services provided. It offers strategies and solutions for the wide array of interdisciplinary professionals who want to develop the range of resources on offer for people with intellectual disability.


Goldberg, Foreword. Bouras, Holt, Introduction. Part I: Development of Specialist Mental Health Services. Chaplin, Paschos, O'Hara, The Specialist Mental Health Model and Other Services in a Changing Environment. Chaplin, Xenitidis, Services for People with Intellectual Disability and Offending Behaviour. Cain, Davidson, Dosen, Garcia-Ibanez, Giesow, Hillery, Kwok, Martorell, Novell-Alsina, Salvador-Carulla, Torr, An International Perspective of Mental Health Services for People with Intellectual Disability. Part II: Clinical Practice. Flynn, Gravestock, Assessment, Diagnosis and Rating Instruments. Hemmings, Service Use and Outcomes. Harding, Robertson, Neuroimaging and Genetic Syndromes. Pickard, Akinsola, The Association Between Psychopathology and Intellectual Disability. Part III: Training as an Integrated Component of Service Delivery. Costello, Hardy, Tsakanikos, McCarthy, Training professionals, family carers and support staff to work effectively with people with intellectual disability and mental health problems.


ISBN-13: 9781135147686
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Psychology Press Ltd)
Publication date: January, 2010
Pages: 168

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy