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Medicine, Mobility, and Power in Global Africa
Transnational Health and Healing
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Recent political, social, and economic changes in Africa have provoked radical shifts in the landscape of health and healthcare. Medicine, Mobility, and Power in Global Africa captures the multiple dynamics of a globalized world and its impact on medicine, health, and the delivery of healthcare in Africa - and beyond. Essays by an international group of contributors take on intractable problems such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and insufficient access to healthcare, drugs, resources, hospitals, and technologies. The movements of people and resources described here expose the growing challenges of poverty and public health, but they also show how new opportunities have been created for transforming healthcare and promoting care and healing.


Hansjorg Dilger, Abdoulaye Kane, and Stacey A. Langwick Introduction Part 1. Scale as an Effect of Power 1. The Choreography of Global Subjection: The Traditional Birth Attendant in Contemporary Configurations of World Health Stacey A. Langwick; 2. Targeting the Empowered Individual: Transnational Policy-Making, the Global Economy of Aid and the Limitations of 'Biopower' in Tanzania Hansjorg Dilger; 3. Health Security on the Move: Biobureaucracy, Solidarity and the Transfer of Health Insurance to Senegal Angelika Wolf; 4. Afri-global Medicine: New Perspectives on Epidemics, Drugs, Wars, Migrations, and Healing-rituals John Janzen; 5. AIDS Policies for Markets and Warriors: Dispossession, Capital, and Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria Kristin Peterson Part 2. Alternative Forms of Globality 6. Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Mali and Togo: Circulating Knowledge, Mobile Technology, Transnational Efforts Viola Horbst; 7. Flows of Medicine, Healers, Health Professionals, and Patients between Home and Host Countries Abdoulaye Kane; 8. Public Health or Public Threat? Polio Eradication Campaigns, Islamic Revival, and the Materialization of State Power in Niger Adeline Masquelier; 9. School of Deliverance: Healing, Exorcism and Male Spirit Possession in the Ghanaian Presbyterian Diaspora Adam Mohr Part 3. Moving through the Gaps 10. It's Just Like the Internet: Transnational Healing Practices between Somaliland and the Somali Diaspora Marja Tiilikainen; 11. Mobility and Connectedness: Chinese Medical Doctors in Kenya Elisabeth Hsu; 12. Guinean Migrant Traditional Healers in the Global Market Clara Carvalho Contributors; Index


ISBN-13: 9780253005328
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 352