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Medical Spanish
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The original Medical Spanish: Interactive Learning Tool is the most extensive Medical Spanish resource ever created. Don't be fooled by imitations. So complete, you'll never want to work without it again. A combination of four books: 1) Medical Spanish: A Health Provider's Guide, Special Audio Edition is absolutely complete. History: Step-by-step phrases for taking a complete history. Physical Exam / Evaluation: Just as easy are the step-by-step phrases for performing a complete physical examination and evaluation. Diagnosis: A virtual cookbook for instructing patients about numerous diagnostic issues. Procedures: Need to explain the details of procedures to your patients? Just pick your topic. Treatment Explanations: A whole host of treatment issues and their explanations - from sinusitis and birth control to the common cold, hypertension, and many more. Vocabulary: From soups to nuts - literally - all of the vocabulary needed for health providers is in this book. Audio: Over 2 hours of clear and crisp Spanish pronunciation, including essential phrases and vocabulary. Uncommonly simple. This book has it all. 2) Medical Spanish: Complete Dictionary converts English to Spanish and Spanish to English, with over 20,000 terms. It is a collection of both technical and common terms, making it a refreshing change from most other bilingual, medical dictionaries, which only emphasize scientific terms. It also contains a quick-reference, verb guide, as well as a collection of regional expressions. 3) Medical Spanish: A Basic Grammar Guide is the most extensive grammar guide for health care ever created. Oriented to Medical Spanish, this book is an extremely thorough and practical review of grammar essentials. It provides the "ultimate" method for health care workers to study the language. It is organized into well-defined sections, each of which offers clear and concise explanations and examples of grammar topics. The book also includes verb tenses, examples of everyday usage, and cultural notes. It is a book for all levels of Spanish. And for those in the health care field, there is no better investment, not only as a learning tool, but also as a general reference for Spanish grammar. 4) Medical Spanish: Interactive Tests is the only effective way to test and retest your knowledge. You can hide and reveal the answers as often as you want, and translate not only English to Spanish, but also Spanish to English. An easy way to become an expert quickly and efficiently.


ISBN-13: 9781935799641
Publisher: CA Sinkinson & Sons (CA Sinkinson & Sons, LLC)
Publication date: November, 2010
Pages: None

Subcategories: General Issues, Nursing