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Medical Leadership: a Practical Guide for Tutors & Trainees
A Practical Guide for Trainees & Tutors
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Main description:

Are you a doctor or medical student who wishes to acquire and develop your leadership and management skills? Do you recognize the role and influence of strong leadership and management in modern medicine? Clinical leadership is something in which all doctors should have an important role in terms of driving forward high quality care for their patients. In this up-to-date guide, Peter Spurgeon and Robert Klaber take you through the latest leadership and management thinking, and how this links in with the Medical Leadership Competency Framework. As well as influencing undergraduate curricula and some of the concepts underpinning revalidation, this framework forms the basis of the leadership component of the curricula for all medical specialties, so a practical knowledge of it is essential for all doctors in training. Using case studies and practical exercises to provide a strong work-based emphasis, this practical guide will enable you to build on your existing experiences to develop your leadership and management skills, and to develop strategies and approaches to improving care for your patients.
This book addresses: why strong leadership and management are crucial to delivering high quality care; the theory and evidence behind the Medical Leadership Competency Frameworkp; the practical aspects of leadership learning in a wide range of clinical environments (e.g. handover, EM, ward etc); and, how Consultants and trainers can best facilitate leadership learning for their trainees and students within the clinical work-place. Whether you are a medical student just starting out on your career, or an established doctor wishing to develop yourself as a clinical leader, this practical, easy-to-use guide will give you the techniques and knowledge you require to excel.


ISBN-13: 9781472729101
Publisher: BPP Learning Media
Publication date: November, 2011
Pages: 208

Subcategories: General Practice