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Measurements in Wound Healing
Science and Practice
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Main description:

Measurement of Wound Healing will update the knowledge base and promote the use of measurements in order to improve both understanding of wounds and their management. This book will feature well used vascular measurements, pathological measurements, imaging measurements and so on. There will be chapters on techniques/measurements that have much promise.

This book is led by 3 experienced clinician scientists from different backgrounds who have successfully worked together on projects.


This book features excellent use of vascular measurements, pathological measurements and imaging measurements

This book is informative for specialists as well as new clinicians who wish to increase understanding and develop appropriate skills to manage a growing clinical burden

This book is led by 3 experienced clinician scientists with extensive knowledge of wound healing

Back cover:

The lack of evidence-based medicine for the treatment of complex chronic wounds is apparent to most working in this challenging area. With increased longevity in most Western countries there is an increased prevalence of chronic diseases and consequently chronic wounds, especially the common venous and diabetic foot ulcer. There is therefore an urgent need to provide an evidence-based approach to the management of chronic wounds:  an essential prerequisite is to have accurate measurements in the science of wound healing.
Measurements in Wound Healing: Science and Practice covers the common chronic wounds from venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot disease to pressure ulcers.  Chapters on topics such as burns and scarring are discussed alongside the all important topics of research in this area, randomized controlled trials and modeling.
The editors have brought together a team of true experts of numerous disciplines from basic science to clinical medicine. The book is equally valuable to the specialist as well as those developing an interest in the management of wound healing.


SECTION 1.- Vascular diseases and wound healing.- Leg ulcers/role of venous surgery/ stenting/amputation/microcirculation.- Diabetic foot disease and wound healing.- Neuropathic and neuroischaemic foot disease/management/limitations of SW monofilament/bone mineral disease measurements/.- Skin and wound healing.- Lower extremity wounds/pressure ulcers/epidermolysis bullosa/vasculitis.- Nutrition and wound healing.- In pressure ulcers/managing elderly/relevance of measurements.- Musculo Skeletal injuries and wound healing.- Trauma/common defects/measurements and their management.- Nervous system injuries and wound healing.- Lesions in those with spinal defects.- Complications in wound healing.- Infection/biofilms/managing comorbidities and relevant workup.- Epidemiology of wounds.- Lower extremity/diabetic foot/pressure wounds/area measurements and prognosis.- SECTION 2.- Measuring Pressure.- Monofilaments/for gait analysis/for pressure relief.- Non invasive diagnostic measurements.- Vascular, tissue oxygen/areas and volumes.- Imaging measurements in wound healing.- Ultrasound, florescence microscopy/CT/MR.- The promise of measuring hypoxia.- Redox potentials/hypoxia and measurements.- SECTION 3.- Managing burns.- Burn wound management including measurements.- Managing scars.- Measurements to improve scar management.- Developments in scar management.- SECTION 4.- Designing research studies in wound healing.- RCTs/Mechanistic studies.- Modelling in wound healing.- The use of systems biology.- Appendices.- List of Equipment Manufactures.


ISBN-13: 9781447129875
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: August, 2012
Pages: 415

Subcategories: Dermatology, Geriatrics


Raj Mani, a clinical scientist, has contributed to measurements in wound healing for some 25 years from Southampton University Hospitals where he developed the Vascular Laboratory. Raj has published several titles in this area, is the Founding Editor of a successful quarterly "The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds" and has written original articles, reviews, book chapters as a single author and in collaboration with others. Raj has presented Keynote and Plenary Lectures in Australia, US, India, China and all over Europe. Raj is currently a Visiting Professor in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai. Raj is the current President of the European Tissue Repair Society.

Marco Romanelli is a dermatologist with a successful career in wound healing both clinical and research. In Pisa, Italy Marco heads an active group of researchers committed to clinical and translational research and education. Marco has published and lectured widely over 15 years. He has led successful book projects and chaired a number of learned societies in Italy and overseas. Marco serves on the Ed Board of a number of high profile journals in wound healing and tissue repair.

Vijay Shukla is a General Surgeon and researcher/clinical scientist who initiated the Indian Society of Wound Management in 1997. Vijay is based in Varanasi where he is the Head of Department of Surgery and the Medical Superintendent of large hospital facility. Vijay has written a series of original papers and reviews and lectured widely across India, Europe, USA and Japan. Vijay serves on the Editorial Board of a number of wound healing related journals and is the Founding Editor of the Journal of the Indian Society of Wound Management. Vijay has also successfully led a number of book projects.