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Meaning in Life
An Evidence-Based Handbook for Practitioners
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Main description:

Divided in to three parts, Part 1 draws on empirical research to demonstrate the effectiveness of meaning-oriented practice. Part 2 draws on the work of therapists across a number of approaches to explore the basic skills to working with meaning in life, including how a practitioner can assess whether their client needs to address issues of meaning in life; practitioner responsiveness to client issues and structuring a session. Part 3 goes on to provide a 7 step guide to applying the skills to clinical practice, with the support of clinical examples. Case studies from a range of professions run throughout the book and Parts 1 and 2 include 'implications for practice' boxes that connect theory to practice.


Introduction.- Part I: Scientific foundations: meaning in life for sceptics.- 1. Traditional Approaches to Meaning.- 2. A pragmatic-phenomenological approach to meaning.- 3. Research on the meaning of meaning.- 4. Research on meaning-centered practices.- Part II: Practical foundations: practitioner skills 5. Pluralistic Framework.- 6. Meaning-Centered Assessment Skills.- 6. Meaning-Specific Skills.- 7. Relational Skills.- 8. Phenomenological, experiential and mindfulness skills.- 9. Existential skills.- Part III: A ten-session treatment manual: Meaning-Centered Groups for Physically Ill Individuals.- 10. Overview of treatment.- 11. Individual assessment session.- 12. Session 1: introduction to meaning in life.- 13. Session 2: Changes in meaning in life .- 14. Session 3: Resilience as source of meaning.- 15. Session 4: material-hedonic sources of meaning.- 16. Session 5: self-oriented sources of meaning.- 17. Session 6: Social sources of meaning.- 18. Session 7: Higher sources of meaning.- 19. Session 8: Being-here as source of meaning.- 20. Session 9: Experiencing meaning in daily life and how to do it.- 21. Session 10: Ending and a new beginning.- Questionnaires.


ISBN-13: 9781137576699
Publisher: Palgrave
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 270

Subcategories: Psychology, Psychotherapy