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McGraw-Hill's Complete Medical Spanish, Second Edition
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Main description:

This title contains all the tools you need to communicate confidently and effectively with your Spanish-speaking patients. As a dedicated healthcare provider you know that effective communication is key to providing patients with the high quality of care they deserve. And for medical professionals working in North America that often entails communicating with Spanish-speaking patients and their families. A valuable resource for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, hospital technicians, emergency care providers, and medical administrators with little or no Spanish-language experience, this book provides you with all the Spanish you need to do your job.
More than a mere phrase book, "McGraw-Hill's Complete Medical Spanish" features a complete, time-tested program guaranteed to help you: understand and use a Spanish vocabulary of more than 3,000 general and medical terms; confidently interview patients, take histories, conduct physical exams, prescribe medication, and give follow-up instructions in Spanish Carry on spontaneous dialogues in Spanish using verbs in the past, present, future, and command forms; become more aware of major attitudinal differences between Latino and Anglo-American cultures; and, how they impact healthcare decisions. "McGraw-Hill's Complete Medical Spanish" will teach you the skills needed to formulate original Spanish sentences and confidently dialogue with Spanish-speaking patients and their families. This indispensable 'tool of the trade' is also available as a part of a three-CD audio package, "McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Healthcare Providers" (ISBN: 9780071664271).


ISBN-13: 9780071814027
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Contemporary)
Publication date: May, 2010
Pages: 496
Dimensions: 154.00 x 228.00 x 17.00