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Management of the Perimenopause
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Main description:

A Unique Decision-Making Tool for Daily Practice

This evidence-based resource provides easy-to-use, expert guidance on the assessment and treatment of common perimenopausal problems seen in daily office practice. After a brief overview of physiologic and endocrinologic changes, and the staging of the perimenopause (by STRAW definition), you'll find practical, easy-to-access coverage of:

  • Management of specific symptoms and problems, such as hot flashes, cognitive changes, breast masses, and osteoporosis
  • Preventive clinical practice, featuring in-depth coverage of hormone replacement therapies
  • Alternative therapies, including vitamins, herbs, and phytoestrogens

    Separate sections cover screening tests and all major alternative therapies.

    About the Practical Pathways Series:

    Practical Pathways in Obstetrics & Gynecology is a unique series specially designed to tackle the challenging clinical topics encountered in daily practice. Each title in the series features a standardized, user-friendly approach that guides you systematically through evaluation, diagnosis, and management:

  • A high-yield, algorithmic Pathway at the start of most chapters provides an “at-a-glance” summary of recommended management
  • What's the Evidence? questions summarize major clinical trials and their application to daily practice
  • Guiding Questions review what strategic questions clinicians should ask themselves when first evaluating a patient
  • Key Points are highlighted in the margins
  • Case Studies demonstrate the clinical application of concepts, and further hone diagnostic skills
  • References facilitate further research or study



    Foreword, Sherry Sherman, PhD, National Institute on Aging


    Section 1: Physiology of the Perimonopause

    1. Perimenopause Perspective, Margery L.S. Gass

    2. Endocrine Changes and Stages of the Menopausal Transition, Robert W. Rebar

    Section 2: Aging and Neurocognitive Changes

    3. Management of Hot Flashes, Robert R. Freedman

    4. Cognitive Changes in Perimenopause, Robert Krikorian

    5. Sleep Disorders in Perimenopausal and Menopausal Women, Diagnosis and Clinical Management, E.O. Bixler and A.N. Vgontzas

    6. Perimenopause and Sexuality, Sheryl A. Kingsberg

    7. Migraine Headaches, Ken N. Muse

    8. Impact of Perimenopause on Physical Appearance and Reproductive Tissues, James H. Liu

    Section 3: Pathophysiology

    9. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment, James H. Liu

    10. Clinical Management of Uterine Myomas, Karen L. Ashby

    11. Evaluation and Management of Pelvic Pain, Thomas Janicki

    12. Management of Cystic Ovarian Tumors in the Perimenopausal Woman, Fred R. Ueland, Paul D. DePriest, John R. van Nagell, Jr.

    13. Breast Pain, Mass, or Discharge, Elizabeth A. Shaughnessy

    14. Hypercholesterolemia and Lipoprotein Disorders, Cynthia A. Stuenkel

    15. Depression, moodiness, and Premenstrual Syndrome, Lesley M. Arnold

    16. Thyroid Dysfunction, Sona Kashyap, Shahla Nader

    17. Vulvodynia, Michael S. Baggish

    Section 4: Hormone Therapy

    18. Sexual Dysfunction and Androgen Replacement Therapy, Elizabeth A. Wise, Carol J. Mack, James A. Simon

    19. Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy: Observational Studies to Clinical Trials, Shari S. Bassuk, JoAnn E. Manson

    20. Hormone therapy: When and How? Margery L.S. Gass

    Section 5: Preventive Health Strategies

    21. Contraception, Paul A. Robb, Daniel B. Williams

    22. Cancer Screening and Prevention, Elizabeth V. Brandewie

    23. Bone Health in the Perimenopause, Rebecca D. Jackson, W. Jerry Mysiw, Shubhangi Shidham

    24. Alternative Medicine Use, Maida Taylor



    ISBN-13: 2370004337081
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Medical)
    Publication date: June, 2006
    Pages: 360

    Subcategories: Obstetrics and Gynaecology


    James H. Liu, MD
    Arthur H. Bill Professor
    Chair, Department of Reproductive Biology
    Case School of Medicine
    Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    University MacDonald Women's Hospital
    Cleveland, OH

    Margery L.S. Gass, MD
    Director, Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
    Cincinnati, OH