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Malignancies of the Groin
Surgical and Anatomic Considerations
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Main description:

This volume provides the first comprehensive review of the surgical anatomy of the groin in over 30 years. The text also provides a detailed review of considerations for all disciplines involved with the management of neoplasms potentially involving the inguinal lymph node basin as well as describing, in detail, the complications which can occur if one's understanding of these issues is limited. Epidemiology and the historical context in the evolution of our understanding of this anatomic area is covered along with lymphedema, one of the most concerning risks of groin surgery. Additionally, a thorough discussion of the management of all malignancies known to affect the inguinal region and quality of life is discussed.Malignancies of the Groin will be an invaluable text for any surgeon who operates on diseases of the skin, genitourinary tract, soft tissue or gynecologic tract. It will be an important adjunct for the radiation oncologist and the reconstructive surgeon and be equally useful for nurses, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and other clinicians who care for patients undergoing treatment for malignancies involving the groin. The editors have compiled an international group of thought leaders in their respective disciplines to provide a broad ranging context for many of the issues that concern clinicians managing diseases affecting the inguinal region. This multidisciplinary array of authors will allow for cross-pollination of ideas from one field to another.


1. Historical Background2. Comparative Epidemiology3. Anatomic Considerations4. Complications 5. Lymphedema6. Considerations for Melanoma7. Considerations for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer including Perianal Squamous Cell8. Considerations for Vulvar Cancer9. Considerations for Peno-Scrotal Cancer10.Considerations for Non-Peno_Scrotal Cancer11.Considerations for Soft Tissue Tumors of the Groin12. Considerations for the Radiation Oncologist13. Surgical Technique for Open Inguinal Lymphadenectomy14. Surgical Technique for Minimally Invasive Lymphadenectomy15. Other Approaches for Reducing Surgical Risk16. Reconstructive Approaches to the Groin17. Quality of Life and Outcomes in Patients with malignancies of the Groin


ISBN-13: 9783319608587
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: September, 2017
Pages: 250

Subcategories: Oncology