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Love, Intimacy, and the African American Couple
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Main description:

This exciting new text on counseling African American couples outlines critical components to providing culturally-sensitive treatment. Built around a framework that examines African American couples' issues as well as the specific contextual factors that can negatively impact their relationships, it: * Addresses threats to love and intimacy for Black couples * Provides culturally relevant, strengths-based approaches and assessment practices * Includes interesting case studies at the conclusion of each chapter that illustrate important concepts. The chapters span the current state of couple relationships; readers will find information for working with lesbians and gays in relationships, pastoral counseling, and intercultural Black couples. There is also a chapter for non-Black therapists who work with Black clients. Dispersed throughout the book are interviews with prominent African American couples' experts: Dr. Chalandra Bryant, relationship expert Audrey B. Chapman, Dr. Daryl Rowe and Dr. Sandra Lyons-Rowe, and Dr. Thomas Parham.
They provide personal insight on issues such as the strengths African Americans bring to relationships, their skills and struggles, and gender and class considerations. This must-read book will significantly help you and your clients.


Part I: Influences That Shape Love, Intimacy, and Relational Patterns Among African American Couples Chapter 1. Introduction Katherine Helm and Jon Carlson Chapter 2. Past and Present Societal Influences on African American Couples That Impact Love and Intimacy Sharon Bethea and Tennelle Allen Part II: Socialization Factors of Black Love and Intimacy Chapter 3: African American Male-Female Romantic Relationships Feliesha Shelton-Wheeler Chapter 4. Threats to Intimacy for African American Couples Tennille Allen and Katherine Helm Part III: Subgroups Within African American Couples Chapter 5. Love and Intimacy Issues with Intercultural Black Couples Chante' D. DeLoach, Marissa N. Petersen-Coleman, and Shena J. Young Chapter 6. African American Lesbians and Gay Men in Couples Relationships: Threats to Intimacy and Consideration in Couples Psychotherapy Beverly Greene, Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Philip B. Spivey Part IV: Assessment and Treatment of Black Couples in Counseling Chapter 7. Culturally Sensitive Assessment Approaches and Considerations for African American Couples Katherine Helm and Torrey Wilson Chapter 8. Couples Therapy with African American Couples: Specific Treatment Strategies and Techniques Chante' DeLoach Chapter 9. Culturally Sensitive Guidelines for non-Black Therapists Working with African American Couples Khyana K. Pumphrey Chapter 10. African American Couples and Pastoral Counseling Byron Waller Chapter 11. Conclusion Katherine Helm, Anton Lewis, and Jon Carlson


ISBN-13: 9781136731099
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: April, 2013
Pages: 320