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Jung and Sex
Re-visioning the treatment of sexual issues
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Main description:

C. G. Jung, despite not being widely known for his views on sexuality or the treatment of sexual issues, made extensive contributions to understanding the complexities of this field throughout his life. In Jung and Sex, Edward Santana makes the case that reclaiming this knowledge can address substantial problems with current treatments and support many who struggle with sexual issues. This thorough exploration of Jung's approach to sexual issues presents a wide-ranging new look at his work and adds contemporary perspectives for helping those suffering with sexual difficulties. The book calls for an important bridging of clinical perspectives to address the contemporary challenges of complex sexual issues and brings attention to a large body of Jung's work on human sexuality, ranging from pioneering thoughts on sexual expressions of the soul to understanding ways to treat sexual symptoms. Jung and Sex provides a comprehensive analysis of Jung's views on, and clinical approaches to, sexual issues and treatments, using this knowledge in order to help those with sexual problems and the professionals who support them.
It is an essential text for understanding critical dimensions of human sexuality. Jung and Sex is an important contribution that closes a gap in the literature of Jungian psychology. It offers unique insights into the subject for Jungian psychotherapists, analytical psychologists, sex therapists, and relationship counselors. The book also supports the work of academics and those interested in contemporary applications of Jungian and post-Jungian studies.


Introduction 1. Jung and Sex 2. Sex and Analysis 3. "A Subjective Confession": Jung as Liberator and Moralist 4. Splitting Off Sex Therapy 5. "An Initiation into the Realm of Darkness" 6. The Spokesman and The Injured Deity 7. Re-Visioning Sex 8. The Mysterium References Appendices Index


ISBN-13: 9781317419877
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: October, 2016
Pages: 200

Subcategories: Psychotherapy