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Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology, Twenty-Fifth Edition
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An easy-to-understand, well-illustrated introduction to the clinically-important aspects of microbiology! NOW in full color! A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE for 2011! 4 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "This book provides a comprehensive overview of medical microbiology in a well organized and practical format. The new version includes color photographs and revisions to reflect advances in knowledge and molecular diagnostics. These updates are essential in such a rapidly progressing field and will ensure this book continues to be a mainstay in teaching medical microbiology."--Doody's Review Service Linking fundamental principles with the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections, this classic text delivers an essential overview of the roles microorganisms play in human health and illness. In addition to the brief descriptions of the organisms, you'll find vital perspectives on pathogenesis, diagnostic laboratory tests, clinical findings, treatment, and epidemiology. The book introduces you to basic clinical microbiology through the fields of bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology, giving you a far-reaching yet student-friendly review of the discipline.
All chapters have been extensively revised to reflect the tremendous expansion of medical knowledge afforded by molecular mechanisms, advances in our understanding of microbial pathogenesis, and the discovery of unusual pathogens. Features: NEW full-color presentation 500+ USMLE-style review questions 300+ informative tables and illustrations, each designed to clarify and reinforce important chapter concepts Coverage that reflects the latest techniques in laboratory and diagnostic technologies Visit www.LangeTextbooks.com to access valuable resources and study aids.
The science of microbiology, Cell structure, Classification of bacteria, The growth and survival and death of microorganisms, Cultivation of microorganisms, Microbial metabolism, Microbial genetics, Immunology, Pathogenesis of bacterial infection, Antimicrobial chemotherapy, Normal microbial flora of the human body Spore-forming gram-positive bacilli: bacillus & clostridium species, Non-spore-forming gram-positive bacilli, corynebacterium, propionibacterium, listeria, erysipelothrix, actinomycetes, The staphylococci, The streptococci, Enteric gram-negative rods (enterobacteriaceae), Pseudomonads, acinetobacters, uncommon gram-negative bacteria, Vibrios, campylobacters, helicobacter, Haemophilus, bordetella, brucella, francisella, Yersinia & pasteurella, The neisseriae, Infections caused by anaerobic bacteria, Legionellae, bartonella, unusual bacterial pathogens, Mycobacteria, Spirochetes & other spiral microorganisms, Mycoplasmas & cell wall-defective bacteria, Rickettsia & ehrlichia, Chlamydiae, General properties of viruses, Pathogenesis & control of viral diseases, Parvoviruses, Adenoviruses, Herpesviruses, Poxviruses, Hepatitis viruses, Picornaviruses (enterovirus & rhinovirus groups), Reoviruses, rotaviruses, & caliciviruses, Arthropod-borne & rodent-borne viral diseases, Orthomyxoviruses (influenza viruses), Paramyxoviruses & rubella virus, Coronaviruses, Rabies, slow virus infections, prion diseases, Human cancer viruses, AIDS & lentiviruses, Medical mycology, Medical parasitology, Principles of diagnostic medical microbiology


Preface SECTION I: FUNDAMENTALS OF MICROBIOLOGY, Stephen A. Morse and Timothy A. Meitzner 1. The Science of Microbiology 2. Cell Structure 3. Classification of Bacteria 4. The Growth, Survival, & Death of Microorganisms 5. Cultivation of Microorganisms 6. Microbial Metabolism 7. Microbial Genetics SECTION II: IMMUNOLOGY, Roderick Nairn 8. Immunology SECTION III: BACTERIOLOGY, Geo. F. Brooks and Karen C. Carroll 9. Pathogenesis and Bacterial Infection 10. Normal Human Microbiota 11. Spore-Forming Gram-Positive Bacilli: Bacillus & Clostridium Species 12. Aerobic Nonspore-Forming Gram-Positive Bacilli: Corynebacterium, Listeria, Erysipelothrix, Actinomycetes, and Related Pathogens 13. The Staphylococci 14. The Streptococci 15. Enteric Gram-Negative Rods (Enterobacteriaceae) 16. Pseudomonads, Acinetobacters, & Uncommon Gram-Negative Bacteria 17. Vibrios, Campylobacters, Helicobacter, & Associated Bacteria 18. Haemophilus, Bordetella, Brucella, & Francisella 19. Yersinia & Pasteurella 20. The Neisseriae 21. Infections Caused by Anaerobic Bacteria 22. Legionellae, Bartonella, & Unusual Bacterial Pathogens 23. Mycobacteria 24. Spirochetes & Other Spiral Microorganisms 25. Mycoplasmas & Cell Wall-Defective Bacteria 26. Rickettsia & Ehrllichia 27. Chlamydiae 28. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy SECTION IV: VIROLOGY, Janet S. Butel 29. General Properties of Viruses 30. Pathogenesis & Control of Viral Diseases 31. Parvoviruses 32. Adenoviruses 33. Herpesviruses 34. Poxviruses 35. Hepatitis Viruses 36. Picornaviruses (Enterovirus & Rhinovirus Groups) 37. Reoviruses, Rotaviruses, & Caliciviruses 38. Arthropod-Borne & Rodent-Borne Viral Diseases 39. Orthomyxoviruses (Influenze Viruses) 40. Paramyxoviruses & Rubella Virus 41. Coronaviruses 42. Rabies, Slow Virus Infections, and Prion Diseases 43. Human Cancer Viruses 44. AIDS & Lentiviruses SECTION V: MYCOLOGY, Thomas G. Mitchell 45. Medical Mycology SECTION VI: PARASITOLOGY, Judy A. Sakanari and James H. McKerrow 46. Medical Parasitology SECTION VII: DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY & CLINICAL CORRELATION, Karen C. Carroll 47. Principles of Diagnostic Medical Microbiology 48. Cases & Clinical Correlations Index


ISBN-13: 9780071811552
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Medical)
Publication date: April, 2010
Pages: 832
Dimensions: 215.00 x 274.00 x 28.00