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IV Therapy For Dummies
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This title presents the fast and painless way to ace your IV Therapy course. Are you an aspiring nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant struggling with IV therapy? Help is here! "IV Therapy For Dummies" tracks to a typical IV therapy course and gives you current, easy-to-follow guidance on everything you'll encounter in class, such as delivery methods, flow rates, legal issues, profession standards, and documentation. "IV Therapy For Dummies" also discusses the necessary components of peripheral and central venous therapy, including access sites, equipment, preparation, maintenance, and the discontinuation of therapy. Plus, you'll get the 4-1-1 on the administration of IV medications, including special considerations for pediatric, elderly, and home care patients. This title provides current, comprehensive information in plain English. If you're enrolled in an IV Therapy course or a healthcare worker looking for a refresher on this important form of medical treatment, "IV Therapy For Dummies" has you covered.


Introduction 1 Part I: Tapping Into IV Therapy 7 Chapter 1: Introducing IV Therapy: A Purpose-Driven Practice 9 Chapter 2: Keeping within the Letter of the Law 23 Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade 41 Part II: What's Your Type? Components of IV Therapy 69 Chapter 4: Medications Made to Order: Pharmacological IV Therapy 71 Chapter 5: Beefi ng Up on Blood Component Therapy Basics 93 Chapter 6: Chemotherapy 101 107 Chapter 7: Maintaining Equilibrium with Fluids and Electrolytes 121 Chapter 8: Serving Up Parenteral Nutrition 157 Part III: Getting Down to IV Therapy Business 169 Chapter 9: Documenting Diligently: The Backbone of Infusion Therapy 171 Chapter 10: Calculation Central: Figuring Drug Dosages, Drips, and Flow Rates 183 Chapter 11: Gravity, Pumps, and Syringes: The Many Ways to Deliver IV Therapy 193 Chapter 12: Going for the Hand or Arm: Peripheral IV Essentials 203 Chapter 13: The ABCs of the CVAD 227 Part IV: Administering IV Therapy 255 Chapter 14: Practical Pharmacological IV Administration 257 Chapter 15: Transfusing Blood Components 269 Chapter 16: Infusing Chemotherapy with Caution 283 Chapter 17: A Balancing Act: Administering Fluids and Electrolytes 297 Chapter 18: Making Every Calorie Count: Parenteral Nutrition 309 Part V: Considering Unique Populations 329 Chapter 19: A Little Dab'll Do Ya: IV Therapy for Infants and Children 331 Chapter 20: When Aging Is an Issue: IV Therapy for the Elderly 343 Chapter 21: There's No Place Like Home: IV Therapy for the Homebound Patient 355 Part VI: The Part of Tens 367 Chapter 22: Ten Things You Need to Know in IV Therapy 369 Chapter 23: Ten Tricks of the Trade for Starting IVs 373 Index 377


ISBN-13: 9781118237663
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 408

Subcategories: Midwifery, Nursing