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Into the Light
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Main description:


This book called "Into the Light" is an autobiographical journey through my life in poetry form.

It also has sections that describe the differing stages on my path to enlightenment along with photographic illustrations.

About the Author

Karen Clements was born in the West Midlands and spent her early years in the Cotswolds their undulating beauty adding to her early inspiration. She moved to West Cornwall at the age of eleven and found further wild amazing influences that opened the gateway to her writing. From then on she wrote poetry, embracing all aspects of not only her environment but also collaborating inspiration from her life's experiences. Because of the effect of her journey she chose a healing profession incorporating several complementary therapies that have drawn from her life's wisdom. She continues to shine her light and is an inspiration to all who cross her path enabling people to reach their own self empowerment.

She continues to express herself with her writing working along with disadvantaged people in local deprived areas and schools, making it possible for them through the wonderful power of words to reach their full potential often changing the perception of themselves thus facilitating a positive change for good!

Karen has now collected impressions throughout her life in book form and has presented them together in this publication called "Into the Light".


ISBN-13: 9781847477637
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing (Chipmunkapublishing Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2011
Pages: 104

Subcategories: Psychology