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Integrating Emergency Management and Disaster Behavioral Health
One Picture through Two Lenses
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Main description:

Integrating Emergency Management and Disaster Behavioral Health identifies the most critical areas of integration between the profession of emergency management and the specialty of disaster behavioral health, providing perspectives from both of these critical areas, and also including very practical advice and examples on how to address key topics. Each chapter features primary text written by a subject matter expert from a related field that is accompanied by a comment by another profession that is then illustrated with a case study of, or a suggested method for, collaboration.


Section I: Context Chapter 1. Where Emergency Management and Disaster Behavioral Health Meet: Through an Emergency Management Lens Chapter 2. Where Emergency Management and Disaster Behavioral Health Meet: Through a Disaster Behavioral Health Lens Chapter 3. Why Is Integrating Disaster Behavior Health Essential to Emergency Management? Challenges and Opportunities Chapter 4. Why Is Integrating Emergency Management Essential to Disaster Behavioral Health? Challenges and Opportunities Section II: Key Areas of Integration Chapter 5. Integration in Disasters of Different Types, Severity, and Location Chapter 6. Not All Disasters Are the Same: Understanding Similarities and Differences Chapter 7. What Can DBH Actually Do To Make Emergency Managers Jobs Easier? Chapter 8. Expanding the Tent: How Training and Education Partnerships with Other Professions Can Enhance Both EM and BH Chapter 9. Linking with Private Sector Business and Industry Section III: Special Opportunities to Enhance Integration Chapter 10. Integration in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)/Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Chapter 11. Risk and Crisis Communications Chapter 12. How to Navigate External Factors: Legal, Ethical, and Political Issues Chapter 13. Sustaining Integration: A Way Forward Chapter 14. Conclusion/Summary


ISBN-13: 9780128036396
Publisher: Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd)
Publication date: January, 2017
Pages: 300

Subcategories: Public Health