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Innovation and Industrialization in Asia
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Main description:

Existing accounts of East Asia's meteoric growth and structural change has either been explained as one dictated essentially by markets with strong macroeconomic fundamentals, or a consequence of proactive governments. This book departs from such a dichotomy by examining inductively the drivers of the experiences. Given the evolutionary treatment of each economic good and service as different, this book examines technological catch up with a strong focus on the industries contributing significantly to the economic growth of the countries selected in Asia. The evidence produced supports the evolutionary logic of macro, meso and micro interactions between several institutions, depending on the actors involved, structural location and typology of taxonomies and trajectories. The book carefully picks out experiences from the populous economies of China, India and Indonesia, the high income economies of Korea and Taiwan, the middle income economies of Malaysia and Thailand, and the transitional least developed country of Myanmar. Chapters 1-7 of this book were originally published as a special issue of Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy.


1. Explaining technological catch-up in Asia Rajah Rasiah, Yeo Lin and Yuri Sadoi 2. Innovation and learning in the integrated circuits industry in Taiwan and China Rajah Rasiah, Xinxin Kong and Yeo Lin 3. The computer software industry as a vehicle of late industrialization: lessons from the Indian case Balaji Parthasarathy 4. Samsung's catch-up with Sony: an analysis using US patent data Si Hyung Joo and Keun Lee 5. Ownership and technological capabilities in Indonesia's automotive parts firms Rajah Rasiah and Abdusy Syakur Amin 6. Are electronics firms in Malaysia catching up in the technology ladder? Rajah Rasiah 7. Technological capability of automobile parts suppliers in Thailand Yuri Sadoi 8. Foreign Capital and Technological Specialization of Garment Firms in Myanmar Myo Myo Myint and Rajah Rasiah 9. Malaysia's Manufacturing Innovation Experience V G R Chandran, Rajah Rasiah and Peter Wad


ISBN-13: 9781135703202
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2012
Pages: 168