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Inflammation in Heart Failure
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Main description:

Inflammation in Heart Failure, edited by W. Matthijs Blankesteijn and Raffaele Altara, is the first book in a decade to provide an in-depth assessment on the causes, symptoms, progression and treatments of cardiac inflammation and related conditions. This reference uses two decades of research to introduce new methods for identifying inflammatory benchmarks from early onset to chronic heart failure and specifically emphasizes the importance of classifying at-risk subgroups within large populations while determining the patterns of cytokines in such classifications. Further, the book details clinical applications of the pathophysiological mechanisms of heart failure, diagnosis and therapeutic strategies. Inflammation in Heart Failure's breadth of subject matter, easy-to-follow structure, portability, and high-quality illustrations create an accessible benefit for researchers, clinicians and students.


Preface Section 1 Pathophysiology of the inflammatory response in heart failure Chapter 1: Inflammation in HFpEF Chapter 2: Role of the innate immune system in ischemic heart failure Chapter 3: The role of inflammation in myocardial infarction Chapter 4: Crosstalk between inflammation and extracellular matrix Chapter 5: Crosstalk between brain and inflammation Chapter 6: Translation of animal models into clinical practice: application to heart failure Section 2 Inflammatory biomarkers Chapter 7: Inflammatory biomarkers in post-infarction heart failure and cardiac remodeling Chapter 8: Technological aspects of measuring inflammatory markers Chapter 9: Molecular imaging to identify the vulnerable plaque - From basic research to clinical practice Section 3 Targeting of the inflammatory response Chapter 10: Mineralcorticoid receptor antagonists Chapter 11: PPARs as modulators of cardiac metabolism and inflammation Chapter 12: Inflammatory modulation by statins and heart failure: From pharmacological data to clinical evidence Chapter 13: Small but smart-microRNAs in the centre of inflammatory processes during cardiovascular diseases, the metabolic syndrome, and ageing Chapter 14: The role of cytokines in clinical heart failure


ISBN-13: 9780128004852
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 384

Subcategories: Cardiovascular Medicine, Pharmacology