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Immunoassay and Other Bioanalytical Techniques
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Main description:

Taking an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the adaptability of immunochemical and related bioanalytical methods to a variety of matrices, "Immunoassay and Other Bioanalytical Techniques" describes the strength and the versatility of these methods in a wide range of environmental and biological measurement applications. With contributions from leading authors drawn from varied disciplines in academia, industry, and government institutions, this book discusses the evolution of the technology and explores the wide spectrum of chemicalimmuno methods available, including multiplexed immunoassays. It presents standard and innovative applications of immunochemical and related methods, such as microarrays and sensors, examines quality assurance guidelines, and offers insight into recently developed products and procedures.Meeting the continuing and pressing need for economical analytical methods that can detect trace levels of hazardous compounds in complex environmental and biological media, this text reviews breakthrough research, including the impact of nanotechnology.
It describes the strength and versatility of immunochemical and related bioanalytical methods while highlighting other areas of applied bioanalytical methods. This book provides both a basic understanding of the field and an update on important technological advances such as new platforms and detection systems. It demonstrates how significant time and cost savings can be achieved for studies requiring repetitive analysis or having high sample loads.


Integrating Bioanalytical Capability In an Environmental Analytical Laboratory, J.M. Van Emon, J.C. Chuang, R.M. Trejo, and J. Durnford Directed Evolution of Ligand-Binding Proteins, K. Kramer, H. Geue, and B. Hock In Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production: Academic Scale, F. Weis-Garcia Antibodies to Heavy Metals: Isolation, Characterization, and Incorporation into Microplate-Based Assays and Immunosensors, D.A. Blake, R.C. Blake II, E.R. Abboud, X. Li, H. Yu, A.M. Kriegel, M. Khosraviani, and I.A. Darwish Molecular Imprinting for Small Molecules, Z. Cobb and L.I. Andersson Aptamer-Based Bioanalytical Methods, S. Tombelli, M Minunni, and M. Mascini Surface Imprinting: Integration of Recognition and Transduction, Y. Zhou, B. Yu, and K. Levon Phage as Biospecific Probes, V.A. Petrenko and J.R. Brigati Upconverting Phosphors for Detection and Identification Using Antibodies, D.E. Cooper, A. D'Andrea, G.W. Faris, B. MacQueen, and W.H. Wright Mathematical Aspects of Immunoassays, J.F. Brady Immunochemical Techniques in Biological Monitoring, R.E. Biagini, C.A.F. Striley, and J.E. Snawder Targeted and Non-Targeted Approaches for Detecting Genetically Modified Organisms, F.E. Ahmed Bioanalytical Diagnostic Test for Measuring Prions, L. Ingrosso, M. Pocchiari, and F. Cardone Environmental Applications of Immunoaffinity Chromatography, A. Moser, M.A. Nelson, and D.S. Hage Sol-Gel Immunoassays and Immunoaffinity Chromatography, M. Altstein and A. Bronshtein Electrochemical Immunoassays and Immunosensors, N.J. Ronkainen-Matsuno, H.B. Halsall, and W.R. Heineman Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring and Homeland Security, K.A. Joshi, W. Chen, J. Wang, M.J. Schoning, and A. Mulchandani Bioarrays: Current Applications and Concerns for Developing, Selecting, and Using Array Technology, J. Jackman Microelectrode Protein Microarrays, K. Dill, A.L. Ghindilis, K.R. Schwarzkopf, H.S. Fuji, and R. Liu Bioconjugated Quantum Dots for Sensitive and Multiplexed Immunoassays, X. Gao, M. Yezhelyev, Y. Xing, R.M. O'Regan, and S. Nie Nanotechnology and the Future of Bioanalytical Methods, L.A. Porter Jr. Index


ISBN-13: 9781420020694
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: December, 2006
Pages: 536
Dimensions: 178.00 x 254.00 x 35.00

Subcategories: Medical Diagnosis