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Illustrated Manual of Clinical Evoked Potentials
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Main description:

Evoked potentials (EPs) have been used for several decades in clinical neurology to assess neurologic function intraoperatively and in outpatient studies. EPs are the only routine neurodiagnostic test that assess the physiologic function of the nervous system, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides detailed anatomical information. Although the clinical emphasis has changed over time with advances in imaging technology, EPs remain a procedure performed by nearly neurophysiology laboratories; often as an adjunct to MRI. Many neurologists find themselves asked to interpret the studies without adequate training. And with the growth in the use of neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring (NIOM), skill in performing baseline EPs and interpreting the tracing is fundamental for anyone wishing to work in NIOM. "Illustrated Manual of Clinical Evoked Potentials" opens with an introductory chapter on the basic principles of EPs, followed by chapters on each clinical modality, Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP), Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials (BAEP) and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SEP). The SEP chapter includes discussion of both upper and lower extremity SEP.
The book closes with a chapter on Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring. Each chapter discusses technical aspects of the modality, how it is obtained, how to identify waveforms, and normative data. Detailed discussion addresses interpretation of the studies including numerous examples of MRI correlations, the EPs feature brief discussion of interpretation and technical points where relevant and the majority of the abnormal studies include MRI pictures as well. This will help the reader to learn the nuances of EP interpretation and how EPS correlate with MRI findings. "The Illustrated Manual of Clinical Evoked Potentials" will be of interest to neurologists, neurology residents, and anyone taking or recertifying for subspecialty boards such as The American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology and American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


1. Introduction to clinical evoked potentials; 2. Visual evoked potentials; 3. Brainstem auditory evoked potentials; 4. Somatosensory evoked potentials; 5. Neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring.


ISBN-13: 9781617050107
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Publication date: October, 2011
Pages: 300

Subcategories: Neurology