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I Am Forever
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Main description:


I AM FOREVER is a story about a world in which everyday items, possessions, ideas and concepts begin vanishing from existence. Charles Freemore is an office worker who leads an uneventful life until the world around him begins to change. The story is both about the ever changing surroundings that Charles' finds himself in and of his realisation that he is only the person who can remember all of the things that are disappearing. With each passing day Charles begins to question his own sanity and even the nature of what is real, as he frantically attempts to find out what is happening to not only him but all humanity.

What makes this novel unique is that is shows how we take a lot of things for granted and what life would be like if these possessions had never existed. The story initially states that the world may be a better place; however as it progresses this is questioned as society becomes unrecognizable and Charles struggles with an increasing feeling of isolation. The novel has a thought-provoking end and leaves the reader questioning just what is possible in the world.

About the Author

Alex Baillie is 27 Years old and lives in Kelvindale in Glasgow. Currently, Alex works in the banking industry, he has been writing short stories since he was a teenager and he recently wrote a short screenplay that has been made into a film by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Alex's main literary influence is Philip K Dick, with novels such as "Time Out of Joint" and "The Man in the High Castle". Other works that have inspired him include Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials Trilogy" and "The Stand" by Stephen King. Alex aspires to write novels that challenge people's perceptions of normality and the nature of what reality is.


ISBN-13: 9781847479174
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing (Chipmunkapublishing Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2011
Pages: 89

Subcategories: Psychology