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Hypnosis and Treating Depression
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Michael Yapko's seminal 1992 book, Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions, was the first book ever written on the subject of applying hypnosis in the treatment of depressed individuals. Since its publication, Yapko's work has not only withstood the test of colleagues previously dismissive of the merits of hypnosis as a tool of treatment, but has thrived in the face of it. Hypnosis and Treating Depression diversifies the range of topics to consider and increases the number of knowledgeable contributors on the subject of treating depression with hypnosis. The book features chapter contributions by highly experienced and well-known experts on using hypnosis to treat specific forms of depression, with assessment and intervention strategies as well as sample transcripts of the use of hypnosis in therapy sessions. It discusses both broad and targeted applications of hypnosis in treatment, the treatment of depression with hypnosis in special populations, as well as special considerations regarding hypnotic treatment.
As a practical guidebook for clinicians looking to add to their treatment protocols, Hypnosis and Treating Depression: Applications in Clinical Practice provides an updated and comprehensive volume on therapeutic uses of hypnosis in the treatment of depression.


Spiegel, Foreword. About the Editor. Contributors. Acknowledgments. A Poetic Beginning. Introduction. Part I: Broad Applications of Hypnosis in Treatment. Yapko, Hypnosis in Treating Symptoms and Risk Factors of Major Depression. Lankton, Four Brief Hypnotic Interventions in the Treatment of Depression. Burns, Building Coping Skills with Metaphors. Lynn, Matthews, Fraioli, Ruhe, Hypnosis and the Treatment of Dysphoria: The 5-Finger Technique. Part II: Targeted Applications of Hypnosis in Treatment. Torem, Treating Depression: A Remedy from the Future. Zarren, Utilizing Hypnosis in Addressing Anger in Treating Depression. Yapko, Utilizing Hypnosis in Addressing Ruminative Depression-related Insomnia. Part III: Treating Depression with Hypnosis in Special Populations. Barretta, Baretta, Using Hypnosis and Metaphor in the Treatment of Comorbid Depression and Eating Disorders. Kohen, Murray, Depression in Children and Youth: Applications of Hypnosis to Help Young People Help Themselves. Phillips, Hypnosis with Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Chronic Pain. Yapko, The Utilization Approach to Treating Depression in Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Part IV: Special Considerations Regarding Hypnotic Treatment. Kirsch, Medication and Suggestion in the Treatment of Depression. Alladin, Experiential Cognitive Hypnotherapy: Strategies for Relapse Prevention in Depression. Appendix: Websites of Note. Name Index. Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9781135442248
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2006
Pages: 376
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 28.00