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How to Present at Meetings
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Does the thought of presenting a paper make you go cold? There are so many things to consider: getting your message across clearly, making the PowerPoint easy to read, keeping to the right length and keeping the audience riveted - enough to induce nerves even without the thought of standing up in front of a crowd and delivering your talk fluently. How to Present at Meetings, 3 rd Edition, gives you practical advice on all these aspects, and more. Written by high-profile public speakers in the health sciences, it includes chapters on the 10-, 20- and 45-minute presentation, how not to make a mess of PowerPoint, and how to appear on stage.


List of contributors, vii Preface to the third edition, ix Preface to the second edition, xi Preface to the first edition, xiii Foreword:Wogan's wisdom: how to 'read' an audience, xv Sir Terry Wogan Chapter 1: Principles of communication, 1 Angela Hall and Peter McCrorie Chapter 2: Preparation of the talk, 9 Mal Morgan and George M. Hall Chapter 3: The three talks, 17 Mal Morgan and George M. Hall Chapter 4: Visual aids, 25 George M. Hall Chapter 5: Poster displays, 35 Philip M. Sedgwick Chapter 6: Data projection software: the hard facts, 41 William Harrop-Griffiths Chapter 7: How to appear on stage, 51 Alan Maryon-Davis Chapter 8: How to sell a message, 57 Martin Godfrey Chapter 9: How to present a talk, 63 Charlotte Green Chapter 10: How to deal with questions, 67 Sir Alexander Macara Chapter 11: How not to give a presentation, 75 Richard Smith Chapter 12: How to chair a session, 81 Roger Horton Index, 87


ISBN-13: 9781119962106
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Publication date: December, 2011
Pages: 106
Dimensions: 139.00 x 217.00 x 5.00

Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice