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Hospital and Healthcare Security
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Main description:

Building on the foundation of the previous five editions, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition includes new and updated chapters to reflect the current state of healthcare security, particularly in data security and patient privacy, patient-generated violence, and emergency preparedness and management. The recognized leading text in the healthcare security industry, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition explains the basics as well as higher expertise concerns, such as the roles of design, emergency management, and policy. Conveying a wide spectrum of topics in an easy to comprehend format, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition provides a fresh perspective for healthcare security professionals to better prepare for security issue before they occur.


Chapter 1: The Healthcare Environment Chapter 2: Protecting a Healing Environment Chapter 3: Healthcare Security Risks and Vulnerabilities Chapter 4: Security Management Planning Chapter 5: Managing the Basic Elements of Healthcare Security Chapter 6: Security Department Organization and Staffing Chapter 7: Leadership and Professional Development (NEW) Chapter 8: The Healthcare Security Officer Chapter 9: The Security Uniform and Defensive Equipment Chapter 10: Training and Development Chapter 11: Deployment and Patrol Activities Chapter 12: Program Documentation and Performance Measures Chapter 13: Patient Care Involvement and Intervention Chapter 14: Human Resources and Staff Responsibilities Chapter 15: Employee Involvement and Security Awareness Chapter 16: Investigative Activity Chapter 17: Security Design Consideration for Healthcare (NEW) Chapter 18: Physical Security Safeguards Chapter 19: Electronic Security System Integration Chapter 20: Preventing and Managing Healthcare Aggression and Violence Chapter 21: Areas of Higher Risk Chapter 22: Areas of Special Concern Chapter 23: Parking and the External Environment Chapter 24: Non-Acute Facilities and Off-Campus Programs and Services (NEW) Chapter 25: Emergency Preparedness: Planning and Management Chapter 26: A Primer for Healthcare Executives


ISBN-13: 9780124200623
Publisher: Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd)
Publication date: February, 2015
Pages: 768

Subcategories: General Practice