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Healthcare Management Strategy, Communication, and Development Challenges and Solutions in Developing Countries
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Main description:

Healthcare Management Strategy, Communication, and Development Challenges and Solutions in Developing Countries describes the ways in which health services, public health administration, and healthcare policies are managed in developing countries, and how intercultural, intergroup, and mass communication practices weaken development efforts in those countries. The book is suitable for undergraduate students, libraries, and companies involved with government issues, foreign services, public health, third world development, and international business.


Introduction: Another View of Communication and Healthcare Management in Developing Regions Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi Section One: Theory and Design 1.The Role of Communication in Supporting Health Programs: A Researcher's Perspective and Ethical Considerations Andy O. Alali 2.Social Structural Contexts in Health and Healthcare: Reappraisal of the Roles of Development and Health Communication Srinivas R. Melkote 3.Understanding the Factors Associated with Ill-Health and the Role of Public Health in Africa Mario J. Azevedo Section Two: Health and Communication Policy 4.Nutrition Education and Communication-A Critical Examination of Research and Practice in India SubbaRao M. Gavaravarapu 5.Communicating HIV and AIDS Prevention in India: Identifying Appropriate Health Management Policies for Sustainable Development Ravinda Kumar Vemula 6.Communication for Organizational Adjustment: How to Position Development Institutions for Enhanced Health Communication Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi Section Three: Experiences in the Field: Resources and Practice 7.Persuasion Challenges in Local Communities: Polio Immunization's Failure in Northern Nigeria Cosmos Ikechukwu Eze 8.Changing Food and Nutrition Priorities in the Public Health Agenda of India-An Historical Perspective SubbaRao M. Gavaravrapu Section 4: Implementation of Healthcare Programs: Case Studies and Practitioners' Experiences 9.Bridging Gaps in the Reproductive Health Agendas of Ministries of Health and International Financial Sponsors: UNFPA's Response in Madagascar and Somalia Achu Lordfred 10.Controversies in Public Health: A Case for Prioritizing Integrated Communication in Public Health Interventions in Africa Adebayo Fayoyin Section 5: Health Education: Cultural Factors and Funding 11.HIV/AIDS in Africa: Contradictions, Controversies, and Containment Now Charles C. Okigbo, Nan Yu, and Angella Napakol


ISBN-13: 9780739185674
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: May, 2014
Pages: 270
Dimensions: 152.00 x 235.00 x 24.00