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Health Through Faith and Community
A Study Resource for Christian Faith Communities to Promote Personal and Social Well-being
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Main description:

"Health Through Faith and Community" is a unique study guide that encourages Christian congregations to enhance the well-being of individual church members as well as society as a whole. Presented as eight study sessions that can be used independently or combined for an indepth learning process, this notebook-size guide includes unique insights and learning activities from an ecumenical Christian perspective about the physical, mental, social, and environmental aspects of health. This well-referenced book includes more than 50 illustrations, handouts, and figures, as well as numerous resources for prayer, activity, discussion, self-reflection, Bible study, and practical applications that will help connect personal faith with congregations and communities. The study sessions presented in "Health Through Faith and Community" are arranged in a series that can be easily adapted to adult Sunday school classes, workshops, retreats, and independent study.
Sessions focus on individual themes and each builds on the previous one, blending together various learning approaches, including factual information, self-assessment and reflection exercises, small group discussion, and interaction exercises. The book also provides notes and guidelines for a study leader, handouts, overhead projection materials, suggested prayers, and Bible passages, materials for group discussions and exercises, Internet resources, and supplemental activities. The study sessions build to a final session that helps congregations create goals to promote personal and social health in the church community, the local community, and beyond. "Health Through Faith and Community" is an invaluable resource for pastoral counsellors, chaplains, retreat leaders, parish nurses, and faith-based social workers.


ISBN-13: 9781317960300
Publisher: Haworth Press Inc
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 236
Dimensions: 209.00 x 274.00 x 15.00